Royal Enfield Bullet Standard Tyre Size And Tyre Patterns

The Royal Enfield Bullet is the epitome of majesty. The longest-running in production bike is the fancy of every biking enthusiast. No surprise then that Royal Enfield Bullet users pledge always to keep their prized possession in top-notch condition. The best way to experience perfection is by not meddling in its functioning. Enthusiasts prefer Bullet for its smooth-riding, brought to life by its skilful mechanisms, supported by its wheels. Besides regular maintenance, keeping the Royal Enfield Bullet Standard tyre in proper shape is one of the top priorities of Bullet owners. A bullet tyre is specifically designed and developed to complement its hefty weight and quirky ergonomics from the wheel's rim size, profile, or construction.

What’s The Correct Royal Enfield Bullet Standard Tyre Size?

The Royal Enfield Bullet tyre sizes are unconventional compared to any other motorcycles in the cruiser or sportbike category. The Bullet rear tyre size is the same as its front wheel: 19-inch. This means that the Bullet standard tyre size is 3.25-19 54P for the front and rear fitments. Although the Bullet tyre sizes measure the same, the tread design and patterns at offer are distinctive.

Royal Enfield Bullet Standard tyre patterns

The iconic Bullet is fitted with acutely developed tyre patterns for the front and rear wheels to ensure proper stability, confident braking, and firm grip with every ride.

The sturdy Bullet front tyre pattern offered by CEAT is the reliable Secura F67. 

  • This Bullet Standard tyre features a traditional rib pattern at the tread for excellent stability and impeccable riding quality on any surface. 

  • Its continuous rib pattern evacuates water effectively, thus maintaining a consistent grip.


For stability and enhanced grip at the rear, the CEAT Milaze is a top choice. 

  • The Bullet tyre pattern from the well-known CEAT Milaze series' reinforced nylon construction provides a stable and longer tyre life. 

  • The knobby design facilitates easy rolling and a better grip on any terrain. On wet roads, the deep grooves at the tread permit easy water evacuation. The pattern's non-skid depth promises unwavering performance in dry weather conditions.

CEAT Secura F67 and CEAT Milaze have bias-ply construction. They are offered in a tube-type layout for maximum durability and excellent performance in unfavourable setups and smooth roads alike. Check them out here if you’re looking for a fresh set of wheels for your Royal Enfield Bullet Standard.


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