Sudden Bike Tyre Puncture Is A Concern For Many. Don’t Make It Your Concern Too

In recent years, various types of tubeless bike tyres have entered the market. These tyres command a marginal premium over conventional tube-type bike tyres but offer a lot of additional advantages, one of which is avoiding a sudden bike tyre puncture.

The air present inside tubeless tyres dissipates slowly from the spot of the bike tyre puncture, compared to tube-type tyres, wherein the air dissipates instantly. As a result, a bike rider with tubeless bike tyres gets enough time to slow down his motorcycle and find a tyre repair shop nearby. It eliminates the possibility of a sudden bike tyre puncture, reducing the hassles involved to a large extent.

  • Advantages Of Tubeless Tyres Over Tube-Type Tyres

    In the case of tube-type tyres, you can’t ride your bike at all if it gets punctured. If you attempt doing so, it damages both the tyre and tube present inside the tyre. However, a tubeless bike tyre suffers from no such problem.

    Compared to a tube-type bike tyre, tubeless bike tyres offer low resistance, due to which handling the motorcycle across all speeds becomes easier. Low resistance also enhances the ride quality and improves comfort.

    Tubeless tyres have a longer life span than tube-type bike tyres, making them more durable in the long run.

    Puncture repair in a tubeless tyre is easier  than the process of repairing a bike tyre puncture in a tube-tyre, which involves the hassle of removing the wheel and then the tube from the tyre 

    Tubeless tyres are preferred for performance-oriented motorcycles as they dissipate air fast and keep the bike tyre as cool as possible.

    Due to the absence of a tube, tubeless tyres are lighter in comparison, which makes marginal improvement in the fuel efficiency of the motorcycle.

    Puncture-Safe Tubeless Tyres

    The recent developments and evolution of tubeless tyres for motorcycles has led to the development of puncture-safe tubeless tyres. With the intent of reducing grievances of a bike tyre puncture, a puncture-safe tyre is the best bike tyre one can buy for their motorcycle.

    CEAT offers an extensive range of puncture-safe tubeless tyres. These puncture proof tyres possess a unique sealant inside the tread area. If your motorcycle is equipped with a puncture safe tubeless bike tyre, all you need to do is park your bike aside the road and pull out the object that caused the bike tyre puncture. As soon you pull out the nail, the sealant inside the tread fills the puncture hole automatically, ruling out the possibility of air dissipation. Thereafter you can continue riding the bike normally without any hassle. 

    This innovative aspect of the puncture safe tyres not only saves money but also saves precious time. Moreover, it allows you to avoid the hassle of finding a tyre repair shop and getting the bike tyre puncture repaired. However, it should be noted that this sealant works only for puncture holes up to 2.5 mm. You can find all the puncture-safe options of the CEAT bike tyre here.


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