The All-Rounder Royal Enfield Bullet Bike Tyre

The Royal Enfield Bullet has gained a commendable stature as a timeless and reliable motorcycle. The same goes for the kind of tyres that keep it going. The Bullet tyre size has remained unchanged. However, the tyres for Bullet have received gradual developments to continue the iconic bike's dynamic and undisputed performance in on-road or no-road conditions.

Owing to its go-anywhere nature, its owners seek robust tyres to withstand the bruises of harsh surfaces and can tolerate any unforeseen weather situations. So, let's look at our portfolio of the best Bullet tyres that complements the Royal Enfield Bullet Standard and Bullet Electra.

The Royal Enfield Bullet Front Tyre

CEAT Secura F67  

Size: 3.25-19

Rating: 54P

  • The CEAT Secura F67 is one of our longest-running Bullet bike tyres. This tube-type tyre is known for its lasting reliability and equally excellent performance in dry and wet conditions. 

  • The tyre's exclusive design matches the long-distance touring credentials of the Bullet motorcycle.

  • The central tread area of the CEAT Secura F67 features continuous ribs, which run along the tyre's circumference parallel to each other. 

  • These ribs help increase the ease of rolling of the tyre, which aids in the superior manoeuvrability of the motorcycle.

Royal Enfield Bullet Tyre Price: ₹1,930 (approx.)

The Royal Enfield Bullet Rear Tyre

CEAT Secura Sport

Size: 3.25-19

Rating: 60P

  • As the name suggests, the Secura Sport handles smooth as well as rough terrains effortlessly. Thanks to its block tread pattern that grips any surface firmly and assures longevity. 

  • The correct distance between tread blocks ensures efficient slippery surface handling and excellent evacuation of mud and slush. 

  • The rigid sidewall of Secura Sport makes it less prone to punctures and commands for better stability and flexibility in rough off-road conditions.

Royal Enfield Bullet Tyre Price: ₹1,970 (approx.) 

CEAT Milaze

Size: 3.25-19, 3.50-19

Rating: 54P

  • The mile-conscious tyre's knobby design can excel in any weather and road condition. Besides rough roads, the CEAT Milaze performs ably on smooth roads, thanks to its versatile tread pattern. 

  • Its deep grooves scatter water rapidly and on the go in wet setups. 

  • Owing to its adaptable compound, the Milaze promises reliability and a long life span. The unique design with extra rubber content on the tread enhances tyre life and ride quality.

Royal Enfield Bullet Tyre Price: ₹2,055 (approx.) 

Our selection of the Royal Enfield Bullet tyres are at your disposal. You can buy the Royal Enfield Bullet tyre online and at a CEAT Shoppe near you! Your Bullet tyre must be the best, and the best is right here at CEAT!


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