The Best Yamaha FZ Tyre Price

The Yamaha FZ created a new benchmark when it arrived in style to the 150cc segment. Despite many years since its entry, the FZ is still the go-to bike for the country’s sport biking enthusiasts. The muscular styling, premium features and punchy engine made the Yamaha FZ a crowd favourite. However, there was another aspect that caught the fancy of many – its tyres.

Since its launch, the Yamaha FZ has been available with the same set of wide tyres, which promise segment-best grip levels and striking visual aesthetics. We have simplified relevant information about Yamaha FZ tyres, their advantages and prices. Read on!

The Yamaha FZ Tyre Size

The Yamaha FZ rides on a unique combination of front and rear tyres. 

Yamaha FZ Front Tyre Size: 100/80-17 

Yamaha FZ Rear Tyre Size: 140/60 R17

Did you know when the FZ made its debut, its front and rear tyres were the widest in dimensions in India's sports commuter bike segment?

Our Selection Of Yamaha FZ Tyres 

Our recommended Yamaha FZ tyres are available in tubeless layouts, with the rear being a tubeless+radial tyre.

Front Fitment:

CEAT Zoom Plus F

  • The CEAT Zoom Plus F features a continuous groove running in the centre of the tread area, making the motorcycle stable at high speeds and ensuring a comfortable ride quality. 

  • Due to its wide tread arc radius, the tyre makes the motorcycle have wider lean angles than usual.

  • The continuous grooves which run from the centre to the corner enhance the cornering abilities of the CEAT Zoom Plus F. 

  • The tyre's soft compound and stiffer shoulders make it equally good on dry and wet surfaces.

Rear Fitment:

CEAT Zoom Rad

  • The CEAT Zoom Rad is a radial tyre with a wide tread area, thus providing an excellent grip on all surfaces, whether wet or dry. 

  • The tyre's radial construction makes it sturdier, thus making the overall ride quality very comfortable.

  • The Zoom Rad's wide shoulder grooves add stability during cornering at high speeds. 

  • The tyre's extra rubber content ensures comfort and stability at high speeds and a low wear rate across all seasons.

The Yamaha FZ Tyre Price

  • Yamaha FZ Front Tyre Price - 

CEAT Zoom Plus F: ₹1,830 

  • Yamaha FZ Rear Tyre Price - 

CEAT Zoom Rad: ₹3,400

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