The Ultimate Guide To The Hero Passion Pro Tyre

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The Hero Passion Pro has garnered a cult following despite being overshadowed by its magnanimous counterpart, the Hero Splendor.

  • The latest iteration of the Passion Pro has a refreshed style that appeals to one and all. The tank extensions, freshly done front and rear wheels, and a more fuel-efficient engine are here to keep the 20-year-old bike rolling. Additionally, the motorcycle wears a different Passion Pro tyre size in the BS6 avatar than its previous version. Let's delve into more details of the specifications, features, recommended Passion Pro tyres, and more.

  • Hero Passion Pro features and specifications

    Launched in June 2020, the Passion Pro takes aesthetics and acoustics a notch higher. 

    • The BS6 trim has a youthful design with a sculpted tank, headlamp with faux air intakes, elongated visor, and a long, well-cushioned seat. The grab rails and a fresh tail lamp design complete the sporty look of the Passion Pro. 

    • The dual combo paint job is nicely done and catches your eye almost instantly. The Passion Pro tyre size also sees a change as it now rides on an 18-inch rim.

    • The Hero Passion Pro comes equipped with a fuel-injected BS6 113cc engine that produces 9.02hp of power and 9.89Nm of torque, and a new frame base.

  • Hero Passion Pro tyre

    The leading two-wheeler manufacturer has discontinued other Passion variants previously. So now, the only operational model is the Pro. 

    • The stylish commuter from Hero comes equipped with 80/100-18 tyres on both its ends – the front and the rear. 

    Previously, the Passion Pro tyre size read 2.75-18 for the front and 3.00-18 for the rear fitment.

  • Hero Passion Pro tyre price

    Variant: Pre-2020
    Fitment: Front tyre 
    Size: 2.75-18 Price: ₹1545 

    Fitment: Rear 
    Size: 3.00-18 
    Price: ₹1750

    Variant: June 2020
    Fitment: Front & Rear 
    Size: 80/100-18Price: ₹1500 (Front), ₹1650 (Rear)

  • Recommended Hero Passion Pro tyre from CEAT

    To keep your bike running for years, you need a good engine and reliable rubber. And the tyres from CEAT are built for durability, longevity, and traction. Experience the Passion Pro with CEAT tyres for long-lasting grip and superior control on the roads for safe commutes.

    CEAT's recommendations for Passion Pro front tyre: 

    CEAT Gripp X3 F -

    • Excellent wet and dry grip: The Gripp X3 F tyre features a modern tread design providing extra stability on wet and dry city roads. 

    • Longer tyre life: The use of a special rubber compound enhances tyre life.

    • Long-lasting grip: The tyre's dual compound ensures that the grip remains good as new even after constant usage.

    CEAT Secura Zoom F -

    • Smoother rides: The tyre's rounded profile paves the way for smooth manoeuvrability. 

    • Efficient water channelling: Its aesthetically appealing tread grooves stretching from the centre to shoulders evacuate water quickly for better steering during rains.

    CEAT's choice for the Passion Pro rear tyre: 

    CEAT Gripp X3 -

    • Superior traction: The sturdy tyre provides matchless traction even on rough roads. 

    • Excellent wet grip: Its deep grooves and large blocks translate into efficient water evacuation in wet settings. 

    • Stable rides: The tyre comes with sipes and connected blocks for a wobble-free ride every time on every surface. 

    So now that you are equipped with everything you need to know about your Passion Pro tyre, let's help you get rolling! CEAT makes buying your new Passion Pro tyre a cakewalk. Shop for your newest wheels here!

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