Tips To Maintain Your KTM Duke Tyres

KTM Duke has been a revolution in the entry-level performance motorcycle category. The true-blue range of street bikes has also pioneered in using tubeless radial tyres at both ends. Such premium tyres require some extra care to assure the best possible performance and longevity out of them. Following are some of the maintenance tips which you should keep in mind for the KTM Duke tyres:

  • Steps To Take Care Of KTM Duke Tyres

    Always opt for radial tyres:

    A street bike like KTM Duke is preferred to be ridden with radial tyres to complement its performance. Even KTM recommends radial-only tyres for the Duke. While there are bias-ply tyres available for the front and rear tyre sizes of Duke, it is advisable to go for radial tyres. Also, avoid mixing radial and bias-ply tyres for the front and rear tyres.

    Replace them before they go bald:

    KTM Duke tyres are made of a soft compound, which wears out faster in comparison to a conventional tyre. Unlike using tyres till they go bald, it is advised to replace the worn-out KTM Duke tyres before they go completely bald. If the tread levels (TWI) fall below 1.59mm, it is best to replace them.

    Check tyre pressure at least once a week:

    For the best levels of performance and handling to be enjoyed, the tyre pressure in the KTM Duke tyres need to be at the recommended levels. KTM advises Duke owners to keep a tyre pressure level of 28 PSI in the front tyre and 32 PSI in the rear tyre and recheck it once every week or after a long trip.

    Change the tyres in sets:

    While riding continuously over some time, there are chances that one of the two tyres wears out more. While you might feel the need of replacing only that one tyre in urgency, it is advisable to get both the tyres replaced at the same time. It is because both the tyres of a motorcycle go through the same levels of stress and torment while riding.

    Best KTM Duke Tyre

    For the KTM Duke, CEAT offers a premium tubeless radial tyre in the form of CEAT Zoom Rad X1. Specifically designed to meet the performance levels of the KTM Duke, the CEAT Zoom Rad X1 is available for both 110/70 R17 front and 150/60 R17 rear tyre sizes.

    CEAT Zoom Rad X1 F (110/70 R17)

    The front tyre of the KTM Duke is composed of a high grip soft compound, which offers a superior ride and handling balance and a greater sense of safety while cornering. The enhanced grooves of this tyre further increase the traction levels and performance of the tyre under sudden braking conditions. For more details, you can read here.

    CEAT Zoom Rad X1 (150/60 R17)

    Meanwhile, the Zoom Rad X1 for the rear tyre size of the KTM Duke offers the same design and attributes as the front tyre. However, it is comparatively wider and has a smaller aspect ratio. It has an ‘H’ speed rating, making it suitable for safe riding up to 210 km/h. For more details, you can read here.


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