Top 5 Biking Destinations During Monsoon

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The rains bring a different mood in all of us. Some like to enjoy monsoon in the comfort of their homes, curled up by the window with a cup of coffee, fantasizing a monsoon biking adventure. While others like to turn their daydreams into reality with exhilarating bike rides on the open windy roads. Do you, like us, belong to the second species? Then open your map, twist the throttle, and ride on. Let's look at the exciting monsoon biking road trips you can take this monsoon to enjoy the rains the right way!
  • Mumbai – Malshej

    Distance: 130 km

    Journey Duration: 3-4 hours

    National Highway: NH 3/NH 222 (from Mumbai)

    Malshej is a famous mountain pass located in the Western Ghats near the Thane-Ahmednagar Road in Maharashtra. Bestowed with high and rugged hills, it is dotted with majestic waterfalls and historic forts. There's nothing more thrilling than riding on these ghats during the rains. The frequent rainfall received here turns the region into a lush green panorama. The roads going towards and returning from Malshej are well-maintained and ensure a smooth ride. But ensure that you ride safe with the best grip tyres.

  • Udaipur – Mount Abu

    Distance: 161 km

    Journey Duration: 4 hours approx.

    National Highway: NH 76

  • Mt Abu is THE bike riding destination of Rajasthan. To make it a real, royal adventure, take the best route to this famous hill station which is via Udaipur. Rated as one of the most enjoyable bike tours in India, the Udaipur – Mount Abu route is surrounded by the grandeur of hills and serenity, and more so during the monsoons.


  • Karwar – Mangalore

    Distance: 270 km

    Journey Duration: 5 hours approx.

    National Highway: NH 17

  • The route from Karwar to Mangalore covers 3 quaint spots, namely Gokarna, Honnavar, and Udupi. From delicious food to serene beaches, and from ancient temples to historical warships,  this route covers it all. Picture a smooth road surrounded by the Arabian sea on one side, and picturesque towns on the other, a light drizzle along the way, and the refreshing wind on your face. Can you think of anything more remarkable during a bike trip?

  • Shillong – Cherrapunji

    Distance: 54 km

    Journey Duration: 1 to 2 hours

    National Highway: NH 40/SH 5

  • It's the monsoons. This means you simply cannot miss out on Cherrapunji, a beautiful town in Meghalaya, which receives the highest rainfall annually. The route from Shillong to Cherrapunji isn’t a widely popular biking destination as the others on this list. Yet, words cannot articulate the excitement and the adrenaline rush one experiences by riding on this less frequented route. The journey is full of mind-blowing picturesque landscapes and nature's astute craftsmanship. Though a short trip of about 50 km, it guarantees a true-blue monsoon experience.

  • Manali – Leh

    Distance: 479 km

    Journey Duration: 2 to 3 days

    Highway: Leh highway

  • Leh is a dream destination for every biker throughout the year. But come monsoon, the desire to make a trip to Leh increases tenfold. The Leh highway is one of the longest, most challenging, and thrilling road trips in the country. It has everything a rider can dream of - steep and risky roadways, mesmerizing snow-capped Himalayas, tranquil rivers, majestic meadows, and rugged terrains. The view alone is worth the challenge!

  • But before you embark on one of these thrilling adventures, don't forget to perform the following quick checks on your two-wheeled companion to avoid mishaps en route.

  • The Engine

    ●        Get the bike's engine tuned and then take it for a short ride to check for any persisting issue. If you hear an abnormal noise from the engine, head to the mechanic at once.

    The Brakes

    ●        This is always critical. Check your brakes for responsiveness as they will play a vital role during hilly terrain rides. Examine the brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid.

    The Chain

    ●        A chain that is too loose or too tight may prove to be problematic during the journey. It will affect acceleration and ride quality. Inspect it for wear, consult a mechanic and get it replaced if advised.

    The Tyres

    ●        You want your bike tyre in top condition before you go on a monsoon road trip . Check for any cuts, harsh bruises, or wear & tear.

    ●        If you feel the need for a replacement, you can buy bike tyres online or compare different bike tyre prices to buy them in person. If your steed of choice is a Royal Enfield, go for CEAT bike tyres for Royal Enfield, which are designed to meet the cruiser's demands. CEAT Gripp XL is one of the best bike tyres out there for superior wet and dry grip on all terrains!

    ●        Make sure to maintain the recommended tyre pressure before and during the trip.

  • So hop on your bike and have fun road-tripping this monsoon! But remember to be safe and follow all the government-mandated social distancing rules.


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