Where To Buy Best Tyre For Pulsar?

Given how immensely popular the motorcycle Bajaj Pulsar has been in the Indian market, there are plenty of tyre options you can buy for the 150cc or 180cc version motorcycle. However, from the buyer perspective, it’s very important to find the best Pulsar tyre option among all the ones available in the market. Before the purchase, you must know what all sizes and tyre patterns Pulsar tyre is made available. 

Below are the comprehensive details about the ideal tyre for your Bajaj Pulsar 150 and 180.

  • Best Pulsar Tyre For 150cc & 180cc – Where To Get It?

    There are three front tyres and three rear tyre options available for Bajaj Pulsar 150. Whereas, two front and as many rear tyre choices are on offer for the Bajaj Pulsar 180 from CEAT tyres. You can purchase the aforesaid Pulsar tyre online from here.

    Once you reach the portal to find best Pulsar tyre options you need to insert essential details, like ‘Bajaj Pulsar’ in the bike make and model section, choose ‘front/rear’ in the tyre option and select ‘150cc/180cc’ in the variant choice.

    Best Pulsar Tyre Options

    Front Tyre For 150cc/180cc

    The Bajaj Pulsar 150 features 80/100-17 at front, and 90/90-17 for Pulsar 180. Below given are the best options for its front tyre patterns.

    CEAT Zoom X3 F (Pulsar 150/180)

    Available in two versions of standard and puncture-safe, the Zoom X3 F tyre has continuous circumferential shoulder grooves and sipes in its tread blocks, which increase stability on all terrains. The tyre is made up of modified polymer, which increases traction and enhances grip while cornering. You can check more details here:

    CEAT Puncture Safe Zoom X3 F (Pulsar 150/180)

    The one-of-a-kind puncture-proof avatar of the regular Zoom X3 receives special sealant hidden inside the tread area. Once any nail pricks the tread it’s gripped by the sealant preventing air escape. Thus, you don’t need to search for a puncture repair shop and ride in a hassle-free way. You can check more details here: 

    Rear Tyre For 150cc/180cc

    For the rear tyre of Pulsar 150cc (100/90-17) and 180cc (120/80-17), there are different options available which are as follows:

    CEAT Gripp X3 (Pulsar 150 & 180) 

    The high tyre has been designed for prolonged traction and impeccable grip levels, with factors like dual tread layers and high grip compound contributing to the said objectives. While the directional grooves offer enhanced grip levels on both wet and dry surfaces. You can check tyre details for Pulsar 150 here and Pulsar 180 here.

    CEAT Puncture Safe Gripp X3 (Pulsar 150) 

    Alongside all the capabilities and features of the CEAT Gripp X3 tyre, the Puncture Safe version features a special sealant inside the tread  area that allows the tyre to self heal during any puncture situation. The sealant plugs the puncture hole of less than 2.5mm in diameter and seals the hole. Thereby averting the hassle to visit any puncture repair shop. You can check more details here.  

    CEAT Zoom X3 (Pulsar 150 & 180) 

    The tyre offers ultimate control and confidence during high speed rides. Its outstanding straight-line stability is derived through its zig-zag groove design at the centre. The performance-oriented Pulsar tyre receives lateral grooves from centre to shoulder to ensure optimum wet and dry grip. You can check tyre details for Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 here.

    CEAT Puncture Safe Zoom X3 (Pulsar 150) 

    Besides all the brilliant qualities of CEAT Zoom X3 the Puncture Safe variant is endowed with a unique puncture proof element. The Puncture Safe tyre gets a special adhesive around the tread area inside that seals the puncture hole of less than 2.5mm in diameter. With no loss of air the tubeless tyre continues to work as a regular tyre saving money and precious time in searching for a puncture repair shop. You can check more details here.


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