Why Should You Switch To CEAT Puncture Safe Tyres?

CEAT is here with an optimised solution to rule out the hassles faced due to bike tyre puncture in the form of ‘Puncture-Safe’ tyres. The new generation CEAT puncture-safe tyres have gained immense popularity in the market for their unique self-repairing of tyre punctures. The automatic repairing function for a bike tyre puncture avoids the hassle of finding the nearest puncture repair shop and splurging on unnecessary costs for repairing the puncture hole, which sounds like a welcoming idea.

So let’s learn about all the attributes and advantages of CEAT puncture-safe tyres over other conventional tube-type and tubeless tyres and find out how they cope up with the event of a bike tyre puncture.

  • What Are Puncture-Safe Tyres?

    For its new range of puncture-safe tyres, CEAT has developed a special sealant with the help of its in-house research and development team. The sealant is formulated at the tread area from inside of the tyre during its composition. Whenever a bike tyre puncture happens due to a small object such as a nail or screw, this unique sealant fills the puncture hole as soon as you remove the puncture-causing object from the tread area.  

    The puncture safe tyres may not be a sure shot solution to very large puncture holes which is very rare. However, for puncture holes up to 2.5mm which are most common, the puncture-safe tyres are the best tyre options that one can buy for motorcycles.

    Advantages Of Puncture-Safe Tyres 

    The puncture-safe tubeless tyres have a premium price over their regular tubeless tyre counterparts. However, we would strongly recommend you to go for the puncture-safe tubeless tyres for the crucial benefit of avoiding the hassles of finding the nearest puncture repair shop to get the bike tyre puncture repaired.

    Unlike other tyres, the puncture-safe tubeless tyres do not deflate whenever a bike tyre puncture happens, further saving time. Due to this, the motorcycle ride becomes safer despite being injured from a tyre puncture and gets healed on it own. Also, with the lower number of visits to your nearest puncture repair shop, the life span of the tyre increases as it doesn’t require repairing like the regular bike tyre puncture holes. 

    Additionally the sealant lasts the life of the tyre & hence would protect the tyre from punctures till end of tyre life. The performance of these tyres like grip, tyre life are also the same as normal tubeless tyres. To view more details about the puncture-safe tyre range, click here

    Availability Of CEAT Puncture-Safe Tyres

    CEAT has made its new range of puncture-safe bike tyres available for all leading motorcycles, ranging from an entry-level commuter to the 200-250cc performance-oriented bike. The puncture-safe tyres are usually the derivatives of the existing range of regular tubeless tyres from CEAT. They offer the additional advantage of self-healing small punctures in addition to all the benefits of those found on tubeless tyres. 

    Buy Puncture Safe Tyres

    You can buy CEAT puncture safe tyres from any local CEAT dealer close by or walk into a CEAT Tyre Shop in your town/city. In addition, you can also purchase this tyre online from here.


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