7 Things To Consider While Choosing Maruti Baleno Tyre Size

When it comes to flaunting style, attitude and elegance, no other car seems to touch the magnitude possessed by Maruti Baleno in the premium segment. The trims of the Baleno have an exclusive set of features. Its tyres share unique sizes as well. Before buying its tyres, find some essential aspects to consider, including Maruti Baleno tyre size details, recommended tyres and more.

  • Points To Note While Selecting The Right Maruti Baleno Tyre Size

    As the Baleno has different tyre sizes across the lineup, you need to understand the basic variation between the tyres and minor components that separate them.   

    Base trims get 185/65 R15:

    The initial Sigma and Delta variants of the Baleno are equipped with 15-inch rim wheels. The two variants wear the 185/65 R15 tyre size.

    High-end trims come with 195/55 R16:

    The Zeta and Alpha top-end variants get the large 16-inch rim wheels for the Maruti Baleno tyre size 195/55 R16. So, check your trim first and then decide which size wheel applies to it.

    Know about the tyre width & aspect ratio:

    In addition to the difference in rim size, the width of the two tyres also differ. The tyre width is the first triple-digit figure in a car tyre size. Here, for the 15-inch Baleno tyre, the width is 185mm, whereas, it is 195 mm for the 16-inch tyre size. Therefore, besides a 1-inch difference in the rim diameter, there is also a 10mm increase in the width of the 16-inch tyre against its 15-inch counterpart.

    Likewise, the aspect ratio is the percentage of the tyre’s height, from the bead (inner circumference) to the tread, against its width. Here, for the 15-inch tyre, it is 65, whereas it is 55 for the 16-inch tyre.

    Different Maruti Baleno tyre size, different tyre pressure:

    For all the variants of the Baleno, Maruti Suzuki recommends a tyre pressure of 29 PSI for the petrol-powered versions and 32 PSI for the diesel-powered versions. These tyre pressure ratings should be abided for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

    Buy Maruti Baleno tyre online or offline:

    Depending upon their sizes, CEAT offers various tyre patterns for the Maruti Baleno. You can walk into any authorized tyre store or CEAT Shoppe nearby, get the Bealeno tyre price and purchase them. Visit a tyre store to check the right Baleno tyre options physically, and select them depending on your preference.

    Alternatively, if you want to eliminate this traditional hassle and enjoy a smooth and transparent buying experience right from the comfort of your home/office, order Baleno tyre online. Along with the Baleno tyre price, you can also check other attributes like features, design, warranty, etc.

    Replacement tyre should be of the same size:

    Many owners upsize their stock tyres with large tyres, which is a wrong practice. Always stick to the width, aspect ratio and rim size as mentioned by the carmaker to ascertain the optimal balance of ride quality, handling and fuel efficiency.

    Best Suitable Options For Maruti Baleno Tyre Size

    CEAT SecuraDrive (185/65 R15 & 195/55 R16)

    The tyre is developed to enhance high-speed handling and excellent braking control. Made of a new generation compound, it offers outstanding grip and cornering at speeds, while the wide longitudinal grooves ensure optimum ride comfort. For more details, check here.

    CEAT Milaze X3 (185/65 R15)

    The tyre is well-known for its excellent long term durability and reliability. The tyre features unique tread and infuses ideal balance of hard and soft rubber compounds for maximum stability and superior grip. For more details, check here.


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