Keep Your Car and Bike Tyres Ready To Roll Even During A Lockdown

The world is experiencing an unprecedented reality as the Coronavirus pandemic has shut down any kind of movement and forced us to stay indoors.

For a lot of us, working from home is the new norm, because of the country-wide lockdown. This means that your car or bike is not being used regularly. While it's not an immediate concern, neglecting your vehicle can prove to be a loss in the long run.

  • So, what do you do amidst a lockdown to ensure that your vehicle stays in top condition? Washing it regularly and cranking the engine every few days is doable. But what about the wheels? In a situation like this, when the vehicle is expected to be locked down for a long time, tyre care becomes very essential. Let these useful tips help you keep your car and bike tyres safe during the lockdown. 

  • a) Park your car or two-wheeler the right way

    ●        Make sure you park your vehicle in a safe spot under some kind of shade. In case your car/bike is parked under direct sunlight, it may lose air pressure quickly, and the tyres can become prone to damage.

    ●        Avoid parking your car or two-wheeler on damp or oily surfaces.

    ●        While picking a parking spot for your car or bike, ensure that the tyres aren't resting on sharp objects or stones. You must also move your car backward and forward to avoid any flat spots on the tyres and prevent the brakes from seizing.

    ●        Consider parking the two-wheeler on the main stand so that the pressure on tyres can be reduced.  

  • b) Keep the tyres sufficiently inflated.

    ●        Monitor the tyre pressure of your wheels once a month. A tyre pressure gauge or a portable tyre inflator makes it easier to do so. This way, you can inflate your tyres as and when needed. Find out the recommended tyre pressure level in the owner's manual provided by the manufacturer.

    ●        In case of high-end cars, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) can give you a correct update about the tyre pressure levels of your car tyres. 

  • c) Opt for nitrogen-filled tyres.

    ●        If your nearby petrol pump has a nitrogen filling station, definitely consider getting the tyres filled with that gas. Nitrogen-filled tyres sustain for a longer time because nitrogen has more prominent molecules than regular air.  

  • d) Examine your tyres regularly.

    ●        Inspect your tyres regularly. If you find that one of your car tyres is damaged, worn out, or flat, use the jack and replace it with a spare one.

    ●        The tread depth of your car tyres needs to be at least 1.6 mm. If the tread depth of your car tyre is below the tread wear indicator or less than 1.6 mm, you will have to pay extra attention to the air pressure levels.

    ●        Likewise, you also must check for such defects in your two-wheeler tyres. If you find either of the tyres damaged, avoid riding your vehicle even for short distances. Do check the tread depth of your bike or scooter tyres, and if you find that the tread depth is equivalent to the tread wear indicator, get the tyres replaced.  

    ●        It is good to keep a tubeless tyre puncture repair kit at home if your two-wheeler or car tyre is installed with tubeless tyres. This will allow you to undertake a tyre puncture repair at home very conveniently. 

  • Bonus tips!

    Along with the tyres, you also need to ensure that the electronics of your car function well.

    ●        Keep the car battery in a perfect state. To prevent the battery from draining, either disconnect the battery wires from the battery terminals or else, you can run the engine of your car for around 10 minutes once a fortnight.   

    ●        Taking care of the brake calipers is also essential during the lockdown period. If you tend to engage the handbrake while parking your car, there's a chance that the brake calipers might get rusted. This may become known post lockdown. You may hear some unusual noises while applying the brakes while driving. Or the braking efficiency may also get impacted. It is therefore recommended that you do not apply the handbrakes while parking your car during the lockdown period.

    ●        Consider parking your car on a flat surface and keep the gear engaged (do not leave gear on neutral mode). You can also use tyre stoppers or bricks and place them around the tyres. This way, the vehicle remains in a stationary position. 

  • Remember these tyre maintenance tips to keep your tyres in a healthy state during the lockdown. You can also visit a nearby CEAT Shoppe to get your tyres checked. You can even make an online tyre purchase at CEAT's online tyre store without having to step out of your house. Stay home, stay safe!


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