A Detailed Guide On Honda Activa Tubeless Tyre Price, Size, Specifications And Features

The Honda Activa might have received a host of updates to its overall design in all these years. However, Honda has not fiddled with its basic mechanical set-up, including its engine, suspension, and tyres, which has been its success formula since its inception. When it comes to tyres, the Activa tyre size has remained at 10-inch for many years, though in its initial years, it had tube-type tyres. However, the current Activa is shod with company-fitted tubeless tyres, while in the aftermarket, there is a wide variety of tubeless tyres available for the Activa.

The Honda Activa tyre price for these tubeless tyres makes them as affordable and reliable as the scooter nameplate itself.

  • Honda Activa Tubeless Tyre Options With Honda Activa Tyre Price:

    For the Activa, Honda specifies 90/100-10 tyres for the front and rear. The 90/100-10 tubeless tyre range from CEAT comprise Zoom D, Gripp X3, and Milaze. 

    • CEAT Zoom D

    The tubeless Zoom D scooter tyre offers smooth handling and apt ride balance even at higher speeds on wet and dry surfaces. The aesthetically designed tyre gets criss cross rib running in the centre alongside continuous grooves drawing from the central groove line to its shoulders. These USPs of the tyre ensure that the scooter remains stable while making quick manoeuvres across city roads. Further, the lateral grooves provide better water dissipation through the gaps between them.

    • CEAT Gripp X3

    The name of the tyre itself is enough to signify its purpose. The CEAT Gripp X3 ensures that you do not run out of grip levels, irrespective of the speed and type of terrain you are riding. The tyre has multiple layers of tread composed of dual-compound technology for maintaining an optimal grip on wet and dry settings. The angular tread blocks not only allow better water dispersal but also prevent uneven wear.

    • CEAT Milaze

    Primarily for those who want a tyre as reliable and trouble-free as the Activa itself, the CEAT Milaze is a perfect choice. The long-lasting attribute of the Milaze is due to the increased groove depth and multi-directional pattern. Likewise, ride smoothly over any surface with its extra rubber content on the tread area. The angular blocks with tread block connectors permit smooth and vibration-free rides over the tarmac, while deep grooves evacuate water effectively.

    Honda Activa Tyre Price

    All the three tubeless tyre options for Honda Activa are priced reasonably, thus matching its economy and durability - the two core strengths of Activa. The Honda Activa tyre price for various options are as follows:

    • CEAT Zoom D (front) – Rs 1,270

    • CEAT Gripp X3 (rear) – Rs 1,300

    • CEAT Milaze (rear) – Rs 1,170

    Honda Activa Tyre Availability

    Honda Activa tyre price for all these models can be checked and compared on ceat.com and the CEAT app. Apart from this, you can also buy these tyres offline from any CEAT Shoppe near you .


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