An easy guide to replace your scooter tyres

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In 1999, Honda completely overtook the gearless scooter segment. Its first scooter - the Honda Activa gained recognition, thanks to its effortless and zippy ride quality. It also kickstarted the “scooty” trend wherein the word ‘scooty’ replaced ‘scooter’ and became synonymous with Activa.

Gearless scooters, such as the Activa, are practical and easy-to-operate. But their tyres are too small compared to bikes. Plus these scooters are built for city rides, but not for tough city roads. Hence they suffer maximum damage when you have to drive over potholes or uneven speed breakers.

  • What are the must-haves of a good Honda Activa tyre?

    To choose the best Activa tyres, lookout for the following features:

    ●        Comfort

    ●        Durability

    ●        Consistent ride quality

    ●        Contribution to fuel efficiency

    You can use these criteria to select the TVS Jupiter tyres and other scooter tyres as well. But make sure that you stick to the OEM tyre size. Opting for a size other than the factory-fitted tyre size is not recommended at all.

    You had a great set of tyres for your scooter. But of course, they will wear out over time as well owing to various reasons. That’s the time when you need to either get a new pair of tyres or simply repair the issue.

  • The next step is to determine whether you need to replace or repair your Activa tyre?

    In some cases you might opt to mend your tyres instead of replacing them. However, in the following cases, the tyres are beyond repair and need immediate replacement:

    ●        You notice a loss of considerable tread

    ●        The tyre has reached the tread wear indicator (TWI) mark

    ●        The vehicle was involved in a crash

    ●        You notice large cuts on the tyre

    ●        There is a bulge on the sidewall of the tyre 

    ●        The tyre’s tread shows signs of separation

    ●        The tyre has endured extreme weather conditions

    ●        The scooter was stationary for a very long time - The tyres tend to incur invisible weak points when not in motion for a long time. This can become a safety hazard.

    If you notice even one of the aforementioned symptoms in your tyres,  you would know that tyre replacement is mandatory. However, it is always advisable to consult a tyre professional for a second opinion and pick the right course of action.

  • Need a tyre replacement? A quick checklist to choose the best new tyres for your Activa

    Now you know that your Honda Activa needs a new set of wheels. And the next step is to purchase the best tyre for Activa scooter. So what are some desirable features or characteristics of a good scooter tyre?

    a)      Traction

    The most basic trait of a good tyre is the traction or its ability to grip the surface. The tyre should provide enough traction on wet and dry conditions on all terrains. Bad traction could be dangerous, especially when navigating through heavy traffic and halting at signal stops.

    b)      Braking

    The tyres should respond to braking and acceleration inputs promptly. The grip should be firm enough that the braking distance is never compromised. The scooter should come to a halt exactly where you want it to.

    c)      Even wear

    The tread patterns and weight distribution are the two factors that ensure the steady wear of a tyre. A good quality tyre wears gradually and uniformly, so it is better to pick the best tyre for scooters from a reputed tyre brand. For instance, the products from CEAT Tyres go through several stringent tests to ensure the best quality before being rolled out of their manufacturing plants. 

    d)      Mile muncher

    The best tyre for Activa scooter crunches miles upon miles. Just like the reliable Activa, it covers long distances without breaking down. The right Activa tyre has a robust construction and enables slow wearing which extends its life. It ideally uses a combination of soft and hard compounds that helps in covering more distance.  For instance, the CEAT Milaze range of tyres offers durability and more mile coverage. This indicates the sturdy nature of these tyres. 

  • Where can you buy Honda Activa tyres from?

    Now you know what to keep in mind when you are deciding the best course of action for your Activa’s tyres. If you decide to repair your tyres, go to a trustworthy tyre repair guy. To search for a tyre service centre in your vicinity online, look up ‘tyre shop near me in the search engine and get a list of professionals in your area.

    CEAT offers a wide range of tyres for scooters of all kinds. Pick what you need from a horde of features and get road-active on your Honda Activa!

    (*Projected mileage based on controlled tests on Indian roads. Actual performance may vary basis road, terrain, vehicle, and driving conditions.)


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