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The Honda Activa is one of the most preferred brands of scooters in the Indian two-wheeler market. But what is it about this scooter that we Indians love so much? For starters, its versatility is impressive. Secondly, the Honda Activa is a practical, low-maintenance vehicle that runs on a fine-tuned engine. And finally, the scooter’s gearless riding is an indispensable feature. Moreover, the right set of Activa tyres can enhance the riding experience of the Honda Activa to a whole new level.
  • What comprises a good set of Activa Scooter tyres?

    In an Activa, the front wheel should have an optimum grip, an excellent impact-bearing capability, and high stability. The rear wheel bears the weight of the engine and the riders, so it requires more load-carrying capacity. 

  • Looking for the best Honda Activa tyre for your scooter? Here are some recommendations for the front and the rear wheels to help you make a choice:

    To begin with, look for the right sizes of the tyres for your wheels. The front tyre size measures 90/100-10, and the rear tyre of the Activa measures 90/100-10.

    For the front wheel of your Activa, CEAT recommends the CEAT Zoom D,  primarily because these tyres guarantee smooth rides and better handling efficiency.

    ●        The zigzag grooves and the distinctive pattern on the tyre ensure that it wears evenly.

    ●        These Activa tyres have lateral sipes and grooves that provide excellent water wading capability. This improves the wet braking capacity of the scooter.

    ●        The Zoom D absorbs the shock of smaller road bumps to give you a smooth, sure-footed ride.

    For the rear wheels of the Honda Activa, the CEAT Milaze is a good choice as these tyres are equipped with various beneficial features like:

    ●        These tyres have a longer life and are highly reliable.

    ●        The wireframe of the deep interconnected grooves ensures that the tyre has uniform wearing.

    ●        The central groove on the tyre ensures a confident ride every time.

    ●        These Activa scooter tyres come with a stiffer sidewall and an excellent wet and dry grip.

    ●        These tyres also offer impressive traction on rough or broken roads. The stiffer sidewall adds an increased load-carrying capacity.

    In short, the CEAT Milaze is perfect for anyone looking for a tyre with a high-reliability quotient. It is known for its long-lasting security. This is exactly what your Activa needs in order to tackle rugged and slippery roads without slowing down.

    The Honda Activa tyre prices for both the brands, CEAT Milaze and CEAT Zoom D, are reasonable and fall well within the budget. You can look for the prices online or visit the nearest CEAT Shoppe to know more and buy the best Activa tyres.

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