Quick Guide On The Different TVS Jupiter Tyres, Sizes, and Recommendations

The TVS Jupiter is a revolutionary automatic scooter in the unisex scooter category. Jupiter has become one of India's most reliable 110cc scooters, courtesy of its charming appearance, refined engine, and maximum value quotient. Another notable facet is the Jupiter tyres, which offer a smooth ride quality with utmost stability in diverse road and weather conditions. 

Since the beginning, the large Jupiter tyre size has been the USP of this well-known automatic scooter. If you own this fantastic scooter from TVS and want to purchase a Jupiter tyre online, this is a must-read. Read on for Jupiter tyre sizes, wheels across Jupiter variants, and the recommended Jupiter tyres from CEAT.

  • TVS Jupiter Tyres and Wheels

    The highly reliable scooter from TVS, Jupiter, comes with the best in class 12-inch rim tyres. 

    The five Jupiter variants are SMW, STD, ZX, ZX Disc, and Classic. 

    All Jupiter variants come fitted with alloy wheels, except for Jupiter SMW. The TVS Jupiter SMW is OEM-fitted with Sheet Metal Wheel, as the name suggests. 

  • TVS Jupiter Tyre Size

    Variant: All variants of the TVS Jupiter - Classic, SMW, STD, ZX, and ZX Disc - come in identical tyre sizes; that is, the Jupiter tyre size for both front and rear is the same - 90/90-12.

  • Recommended TVS Jupiter Tyres

    The front fitment calls for a tyre that provides a wobble-free ride with excellent manoeuvrability across city traffic. 

    • CEAT offers the Zoom X3 to meet these criteria. The CEAT Zoom X3 is developed using an optimised rubber compound for better grip and steering during the daily commute.

    At the rear, CEAT offers Milaze, known for its long tyre life. 

    • The tyre provides outstanding grip and firmness to carry a maximum load under challenging situations. 

    • The CEAT Milaze, with its 10% non-skid depth, that is usage of additional rubber, prevents punctures. While its block design boosts the tyre life.   

  • Buy TVS Jupiter Tyre Online

    Purchasing a Jupiter tyre online is now super easy. You can order the 90/90-12 sized CEAT Zoom X3 and CEAT Milaze tyres for your Jupiter on the CEAT website. But if you wish to see the tyres in the flesh, you can visit your nearest CEAT Shoppe and buy Jupiter tyres in person.


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