Learn How Good Quality Tyres Deliver a Good Driving Experience

The right set of tyres can elevate your vehicle’s performance. But, a set of mismatched tyres can hinder the performance of the best machines. Your vehicle runs on its tyres and it's the tyres that endure the bad road conditions. That’s why it’s of paramount importance that your bike tyres or car tyres should be of the best quality.
  • How do you judge a tyre’s quality?

    Here are some factors you need to keep in mind while taking that decision. Let’s start on the surface.

    The Tread

    The tread pattern of the tyre can tell you a lot about the quality of the tyres. Different compound combinations are used during the manufacturing of the tyre. These determine the various traits of a tyre. Such as:

    ●        Gripping capability

    ●        Longevity

    ●        Resistance to punctures

    ●        Wear rate

    ●        Rolling resistance

    ●        Comfort

    ●        Ride and handling

    ●        Ride and handling

    The Usage

    Different tyre treads and compounds are used for specific terrains. These enable the tyre to sustain different weather and road conditions.

  • What adds quality to a tyre?

    → Your tyre can have the best attributes and still not qualify as a quality tyre. Because the good or bad quality of a tyre depends on 2 connected factors:

    • What road and weather conditions is it customised for?

    • What road and weather conditions is it actually being used for?

    For instance, high-performance tyres come with a smooth surface. They are meant for riding on the tarmac. They will not sustain off-roading as they are not intended for it. They do not have the necessary ‘armoury’ to deal with off-road challenges and rough terrains. Your car can have the best tyre brand, but if they are not used for the purpose they are made for,  their quality won’t matter beyond a point.  

  • → A good quality tyre has the following features:
    • It enhances your safety while driving by adding stability to the ride

    • A well-designed tread pattern that lends the tyres impressive traction on the road

    • An excellent wet and dry handling ability 

    • High braking efficiency

    • A good wet grip, which is only possible when there are proper channels on the tyre tread for water evacuation. These channels help water evade easily and avoid skidding.

    → Indian roads are infamous for potholes. To counter these potentially damaging roadblocks, radial tyres are a Godsend. Tyres with radial construction offer a combination of comfort and ruggedness. These qualities are essential for passenger cars.

    Fuel-saving is an attribute of a good quality tyre. Generally, car tyres with low rolling friction are able to aid in higher fuel efficiency of a vehicle.

    → Good quality tyres have a long life. Tyres with the right mix of soft and hard compounds last long. Their wearing rate is gradual.

    Low noise is an attribute of a good quality tyre. The tread pattern of a tyre decides the amount of noise you will be hearing inside the car. Radial tyres are built considering the aerodynamics and result in low rolling noise.

    → Good quality tyres display high-speed stability and efficient control.

  • Besides quality, how do you decide which tyre to go for?

    The selection of the tyre also depends on your driving habits. Suppose you are someone who enjoys speeding (within the legal limit, we hope). Then, you should consult a professional from a tyre shop who can help you choose the right tyre based on your needs.

    In a nutshell, a quality tyre is essential for the overall safety and performance of your vehicle. In case of a mishap, the first line of defense is your tyres. The airbags and stiff crumple zones come secondary. Always keep the tyre inflated to the recommended air pressure level. Under or over-inflated tyres can ruin the good traits of any tyre.

    Now that you know why quality tyres are necessary, are you looking to upgrade your wheels? Buy tyres online after comparing the necessary traits. You will find a lot of best tyre brands, so be thorough in your research. Wheels up!


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