SECURA NEO tyres for your vehicle

Win the road with CEAT’s comfortable and reliable Secura Neo scooter tyre.

If you’re rooting for an unbeatable pair of comfortable and reliable tyres, CEAT’s Secura Neo is made for you. The Secura Neo scooter tyre comes with a directional block pattern. This pattern block ensures optimum grip and great control at corners. Additionally, the lateral sipes and grooves provide appropriate water channeling and confident wet grip. Ideal for short fun rides in the city, this scooter tyre’s high strength structure absorbs road undulations easily and allows for better comfort for the pillion rider. Enjoy optimum control during sharp turns on vehicles like Honda Activa, TVS Scooty Pep Plus and TVS Scooty.

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Comfortable and reliable


3.00-10 42J

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