TVS Apache Front Tyre Price List In India

TVS Apache is one moniker that has become synonymous with entry-level performance-oriented motorcycles in India. The perfect blend of style, performance, and handling available at an affordable and accessible price makes the Apache a desirable bike. 

Over the years, the Apache range has evolved a lot. What initially started as a 150cc motorcycle has spawned a range of motorcycles between 160cc-200cc in the current times. Like the fabulous overall design and meaty engine, TVS has also upgraded the tyre options available for the Apache range. Currently, all the models of Apache come equipped with tubeless tyres as standard.

Here, we will be focusing purely on the developments which TVS carried out for the Apache front tyre in all these years and tell you about the Apache front tyre price you can avail from online and offline sources.

  • TVS Apache Front Tyre Size

    The Apache range consists of various bike models in 160cc, 180cc, and 200cc segments, namely RTR 160, RTR 160 4V, RTR 180, and RTR 200 4V. In all the models of Apache bikes, although the rear tyre size is different. However, the front tyre size remains the same at 90/90-17. The tubeless layout of the Apache front tyre size aids in enhancing the overall riding dynamics of the motorcycle.

    TVS Apache Front Tyre Price And Features

    CEAT currently has two 17-inch 90/90-17 front tyre options available in its portfolio, which are a direct fit in all the models of the TVS Apache range.

    • CEAT Zoom X3 F

    The Zoom X3 F tyre perfectly suits the performance-oriented demeanour of the Apache bikes. It offers a perfect balance of superior control and enhanced grip levels on both dry and wet roads. The front tyre for TVS Apache is studded with continuous circumferential shoulder grooves and sipes in its tread blocks, offering a perfect balance of exceptional handling and superior stability even at high speeds.

    Moreover, the use of modified polymer compound at the tread boosts traction and provides longer tyre life. For surefooted grip around corners, the extended lateral grooves come into play and offer safe handling. The modern tread design allows better aquaplaning for increased levels of grip under wet weather conditions. For more details and Apache front tyre price, you can click here.

    • CEAT Puncture Safe Zoom X3 F

    The Puncture Safe version of the popular Zoom X3 F has the same design and attributes as the regular Zoom X3 F. However, the former additionally offers a puncture-free riding experience by eliminating the possibilities of frequent tyre repairs due to minor punctures.

    The composition of the Puncture Safe Zoom X3 F includes CEAT’s in-house developed sealant. The special sealant at the tread part self heals the puncture hole on the go if it’s less than 2.5mm in diameter. With no air leakage, the instant puncture fix lets you enjoy a hassle-free ride and provide peace of mind without having to look for a tyre repair shop. The long-lasting sealant remains inside the hole till the tyre lifetime, while the tyre works as a normal tubeless tyre without affecting the performance. You can read more about its features and Apache front tyre price here.

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