An Easy Guide to Maintaining Royal Enfield Tyre Pressure, Size and Patterns for Your Bike

Royal Enfield has moved beyond the days when it was just a motorcycle brand; it has now evolved into an emotion. Ever since the arrival of Classic 350, Royal Enfield has been writing numerous success stories, with its successive models becoming segment leaders in their respective categories. Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for their comfort and long-distance touring abilities, thanks to their strong bottom-end torque, durable engine, and sturdy tyres. Speaking of tyres, the bike manufacturers recommend maintaining ideal Royal Enfield tyre pressure to wholly match the comfort level of the motorcycle. 

Here, we will be discussing the ideal Royal Enfield tyre pressure ratings recommended for all Indian models.

  • Royal Enfield Tyre Size

    Currently, Royal Enfield sells six models in India listed below, along with their recommended tyre sizes.

    • Royal Enfield Bullet 350 – 3.25-19 (front), 3.25-19 (rear) and 3.50-19 (rear upsize)

    • Royal Enfield Classic 350 – 90/90-19 (front), 110/90-18 (rear) and 120/80-18 (rear upsize)

    • Royal Enfield Meteor 350 – 100/90-19 (front), 140/70-17 (rear)

    • Royal Enfield Himalayan – 90/90-21 (front), 120/90-17 (rear)

    • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 – 100/90-18 (front), 130/70-18 (rear)

    • Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 – 100/90-18 (front), 130/70-18 (rear)

    Recommended Tyre Pressure for All Models

    Only the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 share the tyre size. Apart from these, all other Royal Enfield motorcycles have different recommendations for tyre pressures in their user manuals. Maintaining the right Royal Enfield tyre pressure is essential for stability and fuel economy while riding. 

    Here are the recommended different Royal Enfield tyre pressure ratings for all the models.

    • Royal Enfield Bullet 350 – 22 PSI (front), 32 PSI (rear)

    • Royal Enfield Classic 350 – 22 PSI (front), 32 PSI (rear)

    • Royal Enfield Meteor 350 – 22 PSI (front), 32 PSI (rear)

    • Royal Enfield Himalayan – 27 PSI (front), 34 PSI (rear)

    • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 – 20-22 PSI (front), 30-32 PSI (rear)

    • Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 – 32 PSI (front), 36-39 PSI (rear)

    The Best Tyre for Royal Enfield Motorcycles in India

    Following are all the recommended tyres for the respective models of Royal Enfield

    More choices for rear fitment in Classic 350 include Gripp XL in tube type and tubeless layouts. For traverse over off-road and smooth surfaces it gets an angular block pattern for optimum grip and durability under harsh setups. Likewise, for daily city commute you can choose tubeless Zoom Plus tyre. The smooth and sporty tread design of the Zoom Plus tyre allows excellent maneuver across urban limits without any hassles. For Gripp XL you can visit:

    • For Meteor 350, CEAT offers Zoom Plus tyres in tubeless form for front and rear ends. These tyres ensure excellent grip and stability at higher speeds with their wide contact area and integration of advanced compound.                                                
    • For Himalayan front and rear fitment, Gripp XL tube-type tyres are an ideal fit. The tyre pattern provides excellent surefooted traction on both off-road terrains and wet surfaces. Moreover, the tailor-made angular tread blocks effectively chuck out mud. Here, even the Royal Enfield tyre pressure plays an important role for consistent grip. For CEAT tyres for Himalayan, you can visit:

    Interceptor 650 and Continental 650 share similar tyre sizes and CEAT recommends Zoom Cruz pattern for front and rear wheel. This is a high-performance tyre that promises high-speed stability and wet grip cornering with its circumferential shoulder groove and extended lateral grooves. For Gripp XL you can visit:

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