Your Buyer's Guide For Yamaha FZ25 Tyre Size

Yamaha FZ25 is one of the most muscular looking offerings in the quarter-litre commuter motorcycles category in the country. It carries the legacy of the 150cc FZ, with larger dimensions and a more powerful 250cc engine. Apart from the overall design, the muscular appeal is very well evident in the Yamaha FZ25 tyre size. With a 100/80-17 front tyre and 140/70-17 rear tyre, the Yamaha FZ25 tyre’s size is one of the widest in the segment. Yamaha offers the FZ25 with tubeless tyres as standard in this motorcycle. 

Here are the different Yamaha FZ25 tyre options which are perfect for both front and rear wheels:

  • Yamaha FZ25 Tyre Options – Front:

    1. CEAT Zoom Plus F

    Yamaha FZ25 tyre size – 100/80-17 52P

     CEAT Zoom Plus F is available in both standard and puncture-safe versions for the front Yamaha FZ25 tyre. It offers exceptional grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The main factors responsible for excellent ride and handling balance comes aptly from CEAT Zoom Plus F tyre. It gets a continuous centre groove, wider tread arc radius, and continuous grooves from centre to corner to ensure superior manoeuvrability. You can find more details here.

    This tyre is also available in a puncture-safe version, which comes with a special in-house sealant that self-repairs the puncture holes of less than 2.5mm diameter.  You can find more details of the CEAT Puncture Safe Zoom Plus F tyre here.

    Yamaha FZ25 Tyre Options – Rear:

    1. CEAT Zoom XL

    Yamaha FZ25 tyre size – 140/70-17 66H

    CEAT Zoom XL is a high-performance tyre perfectly suited to the brawny visual appeal of the Yamaha FZ25. The tyre comes with an enhanced groove angle and wide contact patch area, which help in effortless riding and high-speed handling. CEAT Zoom XL tyre performs excellently under immediate braking conditions, courtesy of the lightning-shaped tread pattern. You can find more details here

    2. CEAT Zoom Plus

    Yamaha FZ25 tyre size – 140/70-17 66H

    CEAT Zoom Plus is another high-performance tyre designed specifically for the Yamaha FZ25 tyre size. This one promises superior road grip and handling prowess at high speeds with its continuous grooves from the tread to the shoulders and wide contact area. The tyre also features a wide tread arc radius and advanced compound, which increase the leaning ability and grip on all kinds of surfaces. You can find more details here.

    3. CEAT Gripp X3

    Yamaha FZ25 tyre size – 140/70-17 66H 

    CEAT Gripp X3 is a tyre which gives the same level of grip as a new tyre throughout the life of the tyre.    This is possible with the help of dual compound layers in the tyre. When 1st layer worns out post 50% wear, the second high grip layer ensures same level of grip as new tyre, thus providing an everlasting grip.

    Yamaha FZ25 Tyre Availability:

    Buy these CEAT tyre options for Yamaha FZ25 tyre size online at or offline from the nearest CEAT Shoppe in your city.


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