Buying Hyundai i20 Tyres Online? Things You Should Consider About Hyundai i20 Tyre Size

Hyundai i20 is one of the most preferred cars in the premium hatchback category. The value-for-money car has seen three generations in India and several variants of this large uber-cool hatch have been available to customers during this time. Besides a host of engine choices, the hot-selling South Korean hatch also offers various transmission choices for the buyers. Likewise, its variants are shod with different i20 tyre sizes as well. 

If you are looking to buy tyres for your Hyundai i20 online, you must know some basic characteristics of the products. So, without any further ado, let’s delve into the details of Hyundai i20 tyres.

  • Hyundai i20 tyre and wheel

    Hyundai i20 is available in many variants such as Era, Magna, Magna Executive, Magna Plus, Sportz, Sportz+, Asta, and Asta (O). The base trims are shod with steel wheels, while the high-end trims feature elegant alloy wheels. These are tubeless tyresand possess radial construction.        

    Hyundai i20 tyre size

    Across its trim levels and generations, the rim sizes of Hyundai i20 are 14, 15, and 16.  The i20 is available with three tyre sizes of 185/70 R14, 185/65 R15, and 195/55 R16. The variants Era, Magna, Magna Executive, Magna Plus, and Sportz are shod with 185/70 R14 tyres, while the Sportz Plus and Asta (second generation) trim feature the 185/65 R15 tyre size. The top-end Hyundai i20 models – Asta and Asta (O) – come with the larger 195/55 R16 tyres.

    CEAT tyres offers the complete range of Hyundai i20 tyres. The CEAT Milaze X3 is a popular choice of tyres for Hyundai i20 (185/70 R14 tyre size). Renowned for maximum life and high stability, the tyre is endowed with high rubber content at the tread for comfort and longevity. Moreover, the rigid sidewalls effortlessly counter potholes without damaging the tyre. 

    CEAT SecuraDrive tyre emerges as the ultimate choice for i20 tyre size of 185/65 R15 and 195/55 R16. Inclined towards high-speed control, braking, and surefootedness, SecuraDrive offers shorter braking distance under wet and dry conditions. Its optimized tread design allows a tranquil driving experience sans the road noise.

    Hyundai i20 tyres online

    All the three options of i20 tyre size – CEAT Milaze X3 tyre , CEAT SecuraDrive , and CEAT SecuraDrive – are available online at You can buy Hyundai i20 Tyres Online in just a few simple steps.


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