CEAT Milaze X3, the perfect companion for your Honda City!

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The perfect companion for your Honda City!

The Honda City has held its own in the compact sedan segment despite heavy competition. One of the major reasons for its preference amongst car owners is its elegant design that complements its refined Honda engine. Plus, every new generation of the Honda City comes with an upgraded engine, novel features, and a great pair of tyres. The top-quality sedan is a smart choice for any car enthusiast. So how do you make it even better?

The CEAT car tyres are well-suited for a class car like Honda City. They are designed for performance and durability. These features put the CEAT car tyres on the top of every smart car user’s list. If there’s one thing that your Honda City deserves, it is the best set of tyres offered by CEAT. But first things first.

  • What is the right Honda City tyre size for your car?

    The Honda City car tyre sizes are 175/70 R13, 175/65 R14, and 175/65 R15. However, the tyre size you opt for depends on the year and model of your car. Not sure if your Honda City is compatible with CEAT’s top Honda City tyres? Check for compatibility online!

  • What is the best Honda city tyre offered by CEAT?

    Keeping in mind the usage of a sedan like City, one can vouch for Milaze X3 to be one of the best tyres for Honda cars. These car tyres are durable and can endure the wear and tear of city driving. The durability of these car tyres comes from the innovative tread, which results from a balanced blend of hard and soft compounds. The high rubber content ensures a uniform wear-and-tear of the tyre which in turn helps in extending its lifespan.

    These CEAT car tyres are also equipped with wide circumferential grooves for easy water channeling. The grooves instill an exceptional dry and wet grip, and the rigid shoulder blocks ensure the best performance of the City, while cornering. Indeed, the Milaze X3 car tyres make every ride stable.

    Great throttle response is not enough to gauge a car’s performance. The car’s acceleration and braking potential can make a lot of difference to its credibility.  The Honda City’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) relies a lot on the competent Honda City car tyre for lending stability to the vehicle and making it a safe vehicle as well.

  • Why is the CEAT Milaze X3 one of the best Honda car tyres?

    Available for all the generations of the Honda City, the CEAT Milaze X3 comes with the following advantages:

    ●        An impressive durability

    ●        Excellent wet and dry grip

    ●        Minimized tread wear

    ●        Longer tyre life 

    ●        Stability even on sharp turns

    The Milaze X3 car tyres easily qualify as an ideal companion for your Honda City owing to their tread and endurance. You and your family are assured of smooth long drives or road trips without a hassle on these wheels. Learn more about the Milaze X3 Honda City car tyre online or visit your nearest CEAT Shoppe today!


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