Did You Know That Your Car Tyres Can Help You Save Fuel?

Car Tyre
Our car tyres perform the tough job of bearing the vehicle load and transporting us from one destination to another. So, they must have the best features like:
  • ● Excellent cornering grip.

    ● Efficient wet braking.

    ● Durability.

    ● Proper water channeling.

    ● Low internal noise.

    But what if we told you that the best car tyres can contribute to better fuel mileage, too? The right tyres certainly help save fuel and ease your expenses.  Don’t believe it? Find out how:

  • How to extract fuel efficiency from a tyre?

    Before we begin, let's get this clear - pricier isn't necessarily better. A higher car tyre price never guarantees that a tyre will deliver better fuel economy. There are select characteristics that differentiate a fuel-saving tyre from an ordinary one. Let's have a look at these traits:

  • ●        Low rolling resistance: A tyre boasting about low rolling resistance as its prime benefit is a must-buy for you. But what does low rolling resistance mean? It means that the tyre requires minimum rolling effort and uses little energy to complete one round.

    - Tyres with high rolling resistance consume 5-15 percent more fuel, which makes low rolling ones so vital. For instance, the CEAT Fuelsmarrt can provide impressive low rolling resistance. In fact, in the ICAT test results, it was found to be 7 percent less fuel-consuming compared to regular tyres. Besides saving fuel, it lends your vehicle with better ride quality and impressive grip.

    - Do a quick research on car tyres online, set your preferences to low rolling resistance and longevity. The list may show you an array of options. Opt for the product which belongs to a renowned brand.


    ●        Longevity: The tyre should be a blend of a hard and soft compound. This ensures stable ride quality without compromising on your comfort. Such tyres generally have years of life in them..

  • Okay, I don't want to buy a new tyre but still want to enhance my fuel mileage. What do I do?

    If your car's tyres are new or have enough tread left in them, you can follow some essential tips for enhancing fuel efficiency. 

  • → Adequate tyre pressure

    ●        The tyre should always be up to the recommended level. Find out the recommended tyre pressure level for your tyres in the user manual or on the outer wall of your tyres.

    ●        If you do not run your car on the prescribed PSI pressure, not only will your vehicle consume unnecessary fuel but also ruin your tyre. For instance, a vehicle running on tyres with an 8PSI drop in the pressure from the recommended level is likely to burn 20 percent more fuel! So, monitor the tyre pressure level once a month.

  • → Use OEM tyres.

    ●        OEM fitted tyres are the best when it comes to offering low rolling resistance. Why? They are tested in different conditions for your particular vehicle. However, if you have another excellent tyre which commits to enhancing fuel efficiency, you must give it a try.

  • → Driving habits

    ●        Are your tyres wearing prematurely despite regular checks for wheel balancing and alignment? Chances are that your driving habits are to be blamed for quick wear.

    ●        Avoid sudden braking and acceleration. Also, keep your leg off the brake pedal when not in use during driving.  

  • You can shortlist fuel-efficient car tyres online. And if you want to check out the rubber in the flesh, you can key in “tyre dealers near me” online to visit a tyre shop in person and finalize your purchase.  Remember, tyres can do much more than just rolling, they can help save fuel too!


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