Do you own a Volkswagen Polo? Here's a Volkswagen Polo Tyre Size Guide

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The German-built Polo from Volkswagen is a reliable commuter hatchback that boasts of a powerful engine. Its responsive gearbox and quality make it one of the safest cars in its category. The good news is that you can improve the performance of your Volkswagen Polo with regular servicing and engine tuning. And did you know that the Polo car tyres also play a vital role in the handling and stability of the hatchback? Even the slightest incongruity in the tyre pattern, rim size or air pressure can hamper with the car’s agility and riding experience.
  • So, let’s learn more about the Volkswagen car tyre size that suits this car the best:

    Since the car was launched in India, the Volkswagen Polo’s tyres come in various rim and width dimensions. These include 185/65 R14, 175/70 R14, 185/60 R15, and 195/55 R16.

    All the given car tyres have different recommended tyre pressure values which depend on their respective sizes and fitment (front/rear).

  • CEAT’s Super Tip to choose the best car tyres for Polo:

    Remember, the right size of tyres with the correct tyre pressure is the key to achieve the maximum performance from your Volkswagen Polo. Here is the fitment and pressure list as required:

    ●     Tyre Size: 175/70 R14 (Trendline) – Recommended Pressure: 32 PSI (F) & 32 PSI (R)

    ●     Tyre Size: 185/65 R14 (Comfortline) – Recommended Pressure: 32 PSI (F) & 30 PSI (R)

    ●     Tyre Size: 185/60 R15 (Highline) – Recommended Pressure: 33 PSI (F) & 30 PSI (R)

    ●     Tyre Size: 195/55 R16 (GT TSI/Highline/Highline Plus) – Recommended Pressure: 32 PSI (F) & 30 PSI (R)

    Now that you have a clearer idea about the Polo car tyre sizes, let’s look at the best options for the Volkswagen Polo tyre. A lot of car tyre brands offer a range of Polo car tyres. However, you must consider the Indian road/weather conditions before closing in on one option. The car’s powerful engine array plays an important role in deciding the right Polo car tyre.

    CEAT offers SecuraDrive, a tyre pattern known for its superior control, for sizes 185/60 R15 and 195/55 R16 for your Volkswagen Polo. The best choice for tyre sizes 185/65 R14 and 175/70 R14 comes in the form of Milaze X3, which focuses on longevity.

    The CEAT SecuraDrive is a suitable choice for prioritized high-speed safety. On the other hand, CEAT Milaze X3 with its innovative rubber compound is a boon for reliability and longer tread life. Befitting your Volkswagen Polo, this car tyre provides superior control over all kinds of surfaces. The other benefits of this Polo car tyre from CEAT are comfort and enhanced wet/dry traction

    SecuraDrive has been highly successful in the European market. Its Indian counterpart considers Indian weather and road conditions extensively to give you stability even at higher speeds. So if you’re thinking about slowing down because you don’t trust your tyres, you can stop now!

    Learn about the Polo car tyre price online, or visit your nearest CEAT Shoppe today. Use your Polo car tyre knowledge wisely to derive maximum performance from your durable hatchback!

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