Four Points To Consider While Buying New Tyres For Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 has successfully led the bandwagon of premium hatchback cars in the country. Over the years, the premium Korean car has witnessed many generations and is known for its supreme reliability and value. You have come to the right place to know about the Hyundai i20 tyre price and its features. 

As every generation features a different Hyundai i20 tyre size, you should check the current tyre used. Here, we will address five points you should know before buying new tyres for any variant of the Hyundai i20. 

  • 1. Know In What All Sizes Is The Hyundai i20 Tyre Available? What’s Your Size?

    Hyundai i20 tyre size has remained different across all the variants in the three generations available. Following are those tyre sizes recommended by Hyundai for all the variants of i20 produced to date:

    First-gen Hyundai i20 (2008-2014)

    • Era, Magna – 175/70 R14
    • Sportz, Asta, Asta (O) – 185/65 R14

    Second-gen Hyundai i20 (2014-2020)

    • Era, Magna, Magna+, Sportz – 185/70 R14
    • Sportz+ - 185/65 R15
    • Asta, Asta (O) – 195/55 R16

    Third-gen Hyundai i20 (2020-till date)

    • Magna – 185/65 R15
    • Sportz, Asta, Asta (O) – 195/55 R16

    2. Understand The Tyre Pattern Choices Available For Hyundai i20

    Given the best Hyundai i20 tyre size options mentioned above, here are the tyre patterns from CEAT. which you can buy for each tyre size.

    • 175/70 R14: CEAT FuelSmarrt, CEAT Milaze X3
    • 185/65 R14: CEAT Milaze X3
    • 185/70 R14: CEAT FuelSmarrt, CEAT Milaze X3
    • 185/65 R15: CEAT SecuraDrive
    • 195/55 R16: CEAT SecuraDrive

    3. Check Out The Features & Advantages Of Tyre Options For Hyundai i20

    CEAT FuelSmarrt

    CEAT FuelSmarrt tyre features low rolling resistance and an advanced polymer compound for maximizing the fuel efficiency of the i20. The tyre also features a wide contact patch and advanced functionalized polymer compounds for enhanced handling. The FuelSmarrt has stiffer ribs with a high pitch design to reduce tyre noise filtering in the cabin. 

    For - First-gen Hyundai i20 Era and Magna, Second-gen Hyundai i20 Era, Magna, Magna+ and Sportz

    CEAT Milaze X3 

    The tyre is composed of a new generation tread compound that can run nearly 1 lakh kilometres. It receives extra rubber content at the tread and optimized shoulder depth for low wear and tear. The right balance of hard and soft rubber compounds gives high endurance levels to the CEAT Milaze X3 tyre.

    For - All the variants of first-gen Hyundai i20, Second-gen Hyundai i20 Era, Magna, Magna+ and Sportz

    CEAT SecuraDrive 

    CEAT SecuraDrive tyre is designed to make the driving experience in Hyundai i20 engaging and safe. The new generation advanced polymer compound improves the car’s performance under sudden braking and high-speed cornering on straight stretches. The wide longitudinal grooves enhance the comfort levels, while the optimized tread design minimizes the tyre noise.

    For - Second-gen Hyundai i20 Sportz+, Asta and Asta (O) & all the variants of third-gen Hyundai i20

    4. Where Can You Find TheBest Hyundai i20 Tyre Online? 

    To discover the recommended Hyundai i20 tyre, visit here. Here you will find various tyre options suited for the exact variant of any of the generations of i20 you own. You can find all the tyre options and Hyundai i20 tyre price here.


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