Here’s How CEAT SecuraDrive Can Help You Attain Superior Grip On Wet Monsoon Roads

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Tyres are the 'unsung heroes' that ensure that you get a smooth, secure ride. You might have a great engine for those high-speeds, an anti-lock braking system for responsive braking, and a finely tuned suspension. But we tend to overlook the critical role that tyres play in a car's performance. For that glide-like ride, your car needs to have top quality tyres with excellent grip. Especially with the monsoons bringing with it the slush and wet roads, the grip becomes essential.
  • Remember, if the tyres are the car's shoes, the grip is the sole (read: soul) that gives your ride that life. Hence, you need tyres that can provide high-speed stability and total control across wet surfaces. So, say hello to SecuraDrive by CEAT.

    This premium tyre has all the features required in the best tyres for wet roads - from high-speed braking to cornering and comfort. Check out its features in detail and take your pick:

  • CEAT SecuraDrive

    The CEAT SecuraDrive was launched in India after being appreciated for its high-speed performance internationally. The SecuraDrive range of premium car tyres has gained immense recognition for its distinct capabilities. It has created a new benchmark in the tyre industry. When it comes to tyre noise, ride quality, handling, and braking, the CEAT SecuraDrive finds itself far ahead of its competitors. 

  • The role of grip

    The tyre's tread grip is often neglected, which ends up affecting the performance of any vehicle, irrespective of wet or dry weather. When you are behind the wheel, you want to accelerate, halt, turn, and control the vehicle on your terms. And this is only possible when your tyres have an optimal grip at the tread, especially during rains. So let's understand how CEAT SecuraDrive helps you achieve excellent traction on wet surfaces, even at high speeds, and what makes it so effective during the monsoon. 

  • Tyre pattern

    ●        One of the best tyres for wet roads, the CEAT SecuraDrive features a unique asymmetric tread pattern that commands maximum control at maximum speed.

    ●        It has four wide longitudinal grooves that channel excess water with ease. They enhance control and traction on wet surfaces even at high speed. Thus, limiting the chances of aquaplaning.

    ●        Its chamfered shoulder blocks assist in reducing the braking distance. And provide confident  cornering during high-speed drives. The chamfered blocks also help in maintaining even wear throughout the tyre's life.

    ●        The optimized tread ensures reduced tyre noise and low road vibrations on long routes offering the most soothing driving experience.


  • Tyre compound & structure

    ●        The unique tread pattern is further boosted by integrating new-age compounds to assure superior grip on rain-soaked surfaces.

    ●        The silica-based compound and use of high flexibility polymers translate into exceptional performance and safer drive.

    ●        The life of the tyre tread is enhanced by the use of a new generation wear-resistant compound.

    ●        The high-strength robust radial structure of the tyre can withstand road undulations under any weather

  • Vehicle compatibility

    This premium CEAT tyre comes in a wide range of rim sizes. They can be fitted on to more than 70 vehicles in the country. This includes high-end premium sedans like Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Skoda Octavia, Toyota Camry, and many others.

    Switch to CEAT SecuraDrive - the best tyres for grip, this monsoon, and secure your drives with comfort, control, and safety at high speeds. Walk into your nearest CEAT authorized car tyre shop, and drive away worry-free.


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