How To Fix Your Car Tyre?

Car Tyre

When we take our car on the roads, most of us remain very careful about the surroundings. We try out best to drive in a careful way, so that our car remains in good condition for a long time. However, no matter how careful we remain the possibility of a flat tyre is always lurking. A flat tyre can be a big headache that no driver would like to experience. But, things can go bad, and then you have to get your hands dirty to fix the flat tyre of your car.

  • Fixing a flat tyre can be a daunting task for someone who has no experience in this matter. Having the necessary tools or a spare tyre is not enough. You also need to know how to replace the punctured tyre with the spare one. In case there is no road-assistance available, you are completely on your own. So, let us provide you with some useful information on how to fix a flat tyre.

  • Steps to fix a flat car tyre
    • Find the leak: First of all, you have closely look at the tyre to check if there is a sharp object like nail sticking out of it. You must also make sure if there is any cuts or holes in the tyre. In case visible inspection is not proving to be of much help, you should inflate the tyre properly, and check if there is any kind of hissing sound coming from the tyre. In case this method also doesn’t work well, you can go for the soap and water method. Mix some soap with water and spray or pour the mixture evenly all across the tyre. If there is a leak in the tyre, you will see bubbles popping up.
    • Loosen the lug nuts: Before you jack up your car, it is important to loosen the lug nuts. You can make use of a lug wrench or an impact wrench for this purpose. It is important to mention that one must never jack up the car without loosening up the lug nuts. Once the car has been jacked up, you can take off the wheels. When you take off the wheels, make sure the car is parked on a stable and even surface.
    • Clean the hole: Once the lug nuts have been removed completely, it is the time to clean up the leaking region of the tyre by making use of the rasp tool. You can find this tool in the tyre kit itself. You have to insert this tool into the punctured part of the tyre, i.e. inside the hole.
    • Insert the plug: In the next step, you have to insert the plug right in the middle of the insertion tool. Once you have threaded the plug, simply push the tool inside the hole. In this process, it would be better if you apply some lubricant to the plug along with a good quality adhesive. Rubber cement or glue can be a great option, as they will make the process of inserting the tool easier. In addition, it will also ensure a better seal. It is important that the plug is not moved for a minute or two. Otherwise, you will not give the adhesive enough time to dry up. In the end, simply chop off the portion of the plug sticking out from the tyre’s surface.
    • Inflate the tyre: In the final step, full up the tyre with air. Make sure the recommended air pressure is maintained. After filling it up to the right level, re-install the car’s wheel. Once the wheel has been installed, just remove the jack and then tighten the lugs properly.
  • Conclusion

    So, those were the five steps which you need to follow to fix a flat car tyre. To make yourself more familiar with the entire process, it would be better if you perform these steps at your home. In this way, you will be able to prepare yourself for the emergency kind of situations. If you feel any doubt while performing these steps, you must seek help from a professional. Visiting the best auto repair shop will help you get the best quality service.

    It is vital to mention that fixing a flat tyre with the help of a plug is not the permanent solution. It is highly essential that you take your car as soon as to a garage. The professionals know how to patch up the flat tyre or replace it entirely. In case the tyre is too damaged to be fixed, it is better to replace it with a new one. After all, you cannot afford to put the life of your loved ones at risk.


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