Important Details About Maruti Wagon R Tyre Size That Everyone Must Know

The Indian car market is dominated by small practical hatchbacks and the new Maruti Wagon R trumps them all. Be it the space, practicality, boot space, or features, the Wagon R scores major points across all features. What the owners like most about this friendly city hatchback are its ride comfort, low maintenance cost and high mileage. And, all of these factors also depend highly on the Wagon R tyres you use. But before we dive into details, have a look at the Wagon R tyre size. 

  • Maruti Wagon tyre size and wheel size

    The Maruti Wagon R uses two different sets of wheels in different variants.  The wagon R tyre size here is 155/80 R13. For the VXI and ZXI variants, the hatchback uses steel and alloy wheels, respectively. Wagon R Tyre size for this is 165/70 R14. 

    Recommended Maruti Wagon R Tyre Options

    CEAT FuelSmarrt 

    CEAT FuelSmarrt is the perfect tyre if saving fuel cost is your top priority. These are going to be Wagon R’s contact patch to the ground and therefore, they not only have to bear the harshness of the surface without deteriorating but also make sure the car has ample grip and cushioning. CEAT FuelSmarrt tyre does not fade easily and ensures better efficiency and lower maintenance cost. The tyre grip makes keeps the driver in control and offers cushioning for the passenger’s comfort. In addition, it keeps the cabin quiet as well with a low tyre noise.

    CEAT Milaze X3

    Also known as the 1-lakh kilometer tyre, the Milaze X3 tyre for Wagon R has been developed at CEAT’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility after closely studying Indian road conditions. The tough structure and durable rubber compound makes Milaze X3 tyre a high mileage car tyre. Its unique and innovative tread design ensures good grip and handling on all surfaces and weather conditions. It comes with distinctive interlocked blocks which ensure low friction between the tyre tread and the surface for long mileage. The advanced functionalized polymer-based compounds offer outstanding control on wet and dry roads, while the middle part takes care of mileage and durability, and the corners offer you the agility to make quick direction changes and emergency stops. The CEAT Milaze X3 Wagon R tyre size is designed in accordance with Maruti's official tyre size. 

    Maruti Wagon R tyre online

    Buy Wagon R tyres online from You can also find them at your nearest CEAT Shoppe


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