Tata Nexon Tyre – Tyre Care And Maintenance

The Tata Nexon car, launched in 2017 with turbocharged power trains and the latest safety features, is a popular car across the compact SUV category. For smooth running and fuel efficiency of your car, Tata Nexon tyres must be cared for and maintained well. For a trouble-free performance, periodic maintenance of the tyre for Nexon cars should be done from an authorised shop or service centre. A tyre’s life and its wear and tear depend on wheel alignment, tyre pressure, quality, and so on. A car owner can also follow the tips below for their Nexon tyre to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey as well as tyre longevity.


  • How to Care for and Maintain Tata Nexon Tyre?

    Check Tyre Inflation Pressure

    A car owner should regularly check the tyre inflation pressure, including that of the spare wheel, by undertaking scheduled maintenance services. Checking the Tata Nexon tyre's pressure regularly will help maintain the correct inflation pressure. It ensures the tyres are safe, fuel-efficient, and performing optimally. Over-inflating tyres can make the car ride bumpy. Under-inflated tyres impact operating temperature, causing discomfort, and may even cause the vehicle to stop mid-way because of a puncture or failure. By maintaining the right inflation pressure, uneven wear and tear of the tyre is reduced, increasing overall tyre performance.

    Undertake Regular Rotation of Tyres

    To increase the life of a Nexon tyre, rotate the tyre at regular intervals. Tyre rotation means changing the position of the tyre regularly. Rotating a tyre for a Nexon car from one place to another will ensure that all tyres have even wear and tear. Thus, rotation of tyres helps in providing better handling and tyre traction. We recommend a car owner to get a tyre rotation done from a Nexon tyre shop every six months or for every 10000-12000 km distance. We also suggest not to use the spare tyre for rotation.

    Replace Tyres at an Appropriate Time

    Car experts normally suggest discarding an old tyre for a new tyre after 6-10 years of operating the car. However, other key factors must be considered before replacing a Tata Nexon tyre. Apart from regular wear and tear, factors like the distance run, road conditions, etc., also affect the life of a tyre. For instance, any crack or bulging marks on the tyre side walls or tyre tread groove deformity are a few reasons to replace old tyres with new ones. Likewise, the manufacturing date mentioned on the tyre side walls is decisive when considering tyre replacement.

    While replacing a tyre, be aware that the Tata Nexon tyre price depends on the tread pattern type selected amongst the tyres displayed.

    Consider Same Tyre Size

    Every Tata Nexon tyre size comes with a different speed and load index. The tyre size can be found on its side wall. So, avoid mixing different brand tyres while replacing or buying a Nexon tyre. According to experts, getting different brands for the front and rear tyres will reduce the performance and ride quality of your Tata Nexon car.

    Check Wheel Alignment Regularly

    Since incorrect wheel alignment leads to excessive and uneven tyre wear, it's important to check the wheel alignment of your Tata Nexon car periodically. A common way to check for unbalanced tyres is via the vibration in the steering wheel. Proper wheel alignment provides a smooth and comfortable ride along with balance and uniformity of wear on all tyres.

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