Thinking Of Replacing Your Car Tyres? Read this first

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Just like any car part needs replacing or maintenance over time, the tyres also wear out and need replacing. But since most tyres have a long life and need to be changed only once in 4-5 years, car owners are not always aware of the caveats of replacing their car tyres.

For instance, when do you know it’s time to replace your wheels?

What factors should you keep in mind when taking a decision about which car tyre to buy?

How to pick the right car tyres?

Let’s address these questions, shall we?

To begin with, the health of your car tyres is directly linked to the performance of your car. If they are not in good shape, the car will face problems too. For example, tyres lose some traction and braking capabilities over time, and a weak tyre is a serious safety hazard for the car users.

So, here are a few points to get you started:

  • 1. Ask this: Do your car tyres actually need to be replaced?

    You need to first ascertain that your current tyres have lost their significant tread. And how does one do that? 

    There is a tread-wear indicator located in the groove of the tyre. It alerts the user about the wearing level of the tyre. If the tread wear has reached or surpassed that level, you should replace your tyre right away.

    Or, you can try the famous coin test. Put a coin in the groove and see how deep it goes. Conduct this test on various points over the tyre tread groove. If you feel the coin has not gone deep enough in any of these points, it’s time for a replacement.

  • 2. Examine the tyre regularly

    We recommend that you thoroughly examine your car tyres for any uneven wear, at least once a month. Or do this exercise after you have returned from a long road trip. 

    Your vehicle drives over nasty potholes on rough roads often. This results in the wheels losing their alignment or balance, which may cause uneven wear. Running your vehicle on misaligned wheels will result in their rapid deterioration. This can become unsafe if left unchecked. So ensure that you realign your car tyres at any car tyre shop near you. The last resort for worn out car tyres is replacement.

  • 3. Excessive tyre noise

    If you hear too much noise from the tyres while driving, halt and inspect. It could be a sign that you need to replace the tyre. A fluctuating ride quality is another telltale sign of tyre wear. Frequent loss of air pressure also indicates problems in the tyre.

  • 4. Don’t replace all four tyres

    All four car tyres do not wear evenly. The wearing of tyres depends on the drive-type of the car. Does your car have a front-wheel-drive setup? The front tyres of a front-wheel-drive vehicle will wear faster. The same applies to the rear wheels of a car with a rear-wheel-drive setup.

    Car owners who do not regularly rotate their car tyres must change only the front or rear tyres. It’s better to consult a tyre professional to decide whether you need to change all four tyres. Keep in mind that changing all the four tyres will require shelling out more money, so let your budget be flexible.

  • 5. Compare prices online

    Look for brands that deliver quality car tyres at affordable prices. Compare them, and pick the best tyres for your car before you make a decision. You can also buy car tyres online easily. 

    The Golden Tip:

    Remember to check on your tyres every now and then. This will help in extending their life or deciding whether it’s time to roll in a new set of tyres!


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