Tips On How To Maintain Your Innova Tyre

The synonym of reliability in the MPV segment can be none other than the Toyota Innova. The Innova features a powerful yet low-maintenance engine that attracts minimal fuss. 

Take care of the Innova tyre periodically for it to continue in a trouble-free manner. So, if you own this Japanese gem, here is a guide to care for the Innova tyres to cover countless miles ahead without any niggles. Know about the Innova tyre price and Innova tyre size in case you are looking for a replacement.

  • Mandatory Steps To Maintain The Condition Of Innova Tyre
    • Maintain proper Innova tyre pressure: For the Innova tyre, Toyota recommends an air pressure level of 33 PSI in all four tyres. So, to obtain the best possible fuel efficiency and optimal levels of performance and safety, you should check the tyre pressure once a week and refill it, if required.
    • Avoid excessive spinning of tyres: Irrespective of the tarmac underneath, you should avoid spinning the tyres of the Innova unnecessarily, which can happen during excess acceleration and braking. Such practices rob the tread due to overheating, which results in grip loss.
    • Check for possible wear: Every tyre comes with tread wear indicators (TWIs) placed inside the tread grooves, which alerts you about the possibility of tyre replacement. You should check the tyres at least once a month, which will give you an idea of how much tread life remains in the tyre.
    • Check for possible damage: The older generation Innova was not available with a factory-fitted tyre pressure monitoring system. Therefore, you need to check the possibilities of puncture holes and cracks, possible objects like screws or nails, which might have pierced the tyre and caused slow and gradual depletion of air.
    • Practice periodic tyre rotation: The Innova is an MPV commonly used as a mile muncher. Thus, all the tyres must have an equal wear rate. You should rotate the front tyres with the rear ones so that the two tyres receive equal exposure and even tread wear. 
    • Get wheel alignment done whenever required: To ensure that the tread is wearing out uniformly, you must get the wheel alignment of your Innova as and when needed. However, considering the uncertain and varying road conditions, we recommend you to get this done every 10,000-15,000 km.

    Toyota Innova Tyre Size

    The first-generation Toyota Innova came with 205/65 R15 tyres as standard across all the variants. For this tyre size, CEAT offers a perfect companion in the form of CEAT Milaze X3.

    Toyota Innova has an image of being a dependable and durable workhorse, which complements the CEAT Milaze X3. For conquering long distances effortlessly, CEAT Milaze X3 car tyre comes with high rubber content at the tread and optimized shoulder depth to ensure that the tyre sustains lesser wear and tear. In addition, to make sure this Innova tyre offers optimal performance in its long-life span, it comes with a perfect balance of hard and soft rubber compounds. For Innova tyre price and more details, click here.


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