Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Car Tyres In The Monsoon

Car Tyre
If you were to write a biopic of your car, the tyre wouldn’t play just a passing role. In fact, it plays a pivotal supporting role in the proper functioning of your vehicle. Right from your car's overall performance, to the safety quotient of your drive, it is the tyre that calls the shots.
  • The tyre’s role becomes more critical during the rainy season. In the monsoon, the roads are wet and slippery. To ensure that there's no lag in the delivery of stability and traction, your car tyres should be in prime condition.

    Safety takes priority during the rains. Other parameters such as fuel efficiency take a backseat. So, your tyres should be well-maintained round the year, but more so in the monsoon.

    So here are some top tips for the best tyre care for the rainy season. Read on!    

  • 1) Check the tyre tread.

    ●        Tyres with adequate tread are more responsive to brakes compared to those with lesser tread depth. For safer driving and shorter braking distance in damp settings, ensure that your tyres hold a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm.

    ●        You can measure the tread depth using a tyre tread depth gauge. Or use the tread wear indicators (TWI) found inside the tread's grooves. If your tyre is worn out to some extent, you may notice the indicators quickly. However, if you cannot spot the TWIs, it could be because they have worn away due to extensive use.

  • 2) Maintain the tyre pressure.

    ●        Maintaining the right tyre pressure can contribute to even tread wear and also increase your tyre's life.

    ●        Overinflating your tyres can hinder the car's control, and that's a slippery slope you must avoid.

    ●        Sticking to the correct tyre pressure will lend your tyres better traction due to uniform contact with the surface. This further improves the vehicle's control and stability.

  • 3) Get your wheels aligned.

    ●        Did you find any irregular wear on the inside or outside of the tyres in the first step? It could be due to misaligned or imbalanced wheels. Coupled with the uneven wear, you may also encounter vibrations and heavy steering, affecting the vehicle's overall handling.

    ●        A sudden dip in a deep pothole, or a leap over an uneven speed breaker, can also cause wheel alignment issues. In addition to tyre damage, the suspension system suffers too. So get your wheels checked and aligned at the earliest!   

  • 4) Drive smartly.

    ●        Poor driving habits contribute to tyre wear and damage. Avoid unnecessary acceleration in the rainy weather. There are high chances of the vehicle losing control and skidding.

    ●        Stay away from streets filled with water. If you can't avoid waterlogged streets, drive slowly. Try to keep to the middle of the road where the water density is usually less than the sides.

    ●        Refrain from driving over water-filled potholes, which may not only injure the tyre but also cause damage to your car.

    ●        Many mishaps in the country take place due to the skidding of vehicles. Old tyres or tyres with a lot of usage behind them run out of grip. So you should monitor the health of the tyres periodically while being smart about the way you drive.

  • Besides these tyre care tips for the rainy season, here's a pro-tip for you to follow around the year: 

  • Rotate your tyres timely.

    ●        Tyre rotation at regular intervals can increase the tyre's tread life. The lifespan of your tyres differs as all the four tyres don't receive equal weight distribution. With the help of tyre rotation, you can prolong their lifespan and save some bucks by extracting maximum value out of your tyres.

    ●        For systematic rotation of the tyres, it's best to refer to the manufacturer's user manual. In case, there is no specific number of kilometers mentioned for tyre rotation, rotate them after every 8,000-10,000 kilometers.

  • Don't let the monsoons rain on your parade. Follow these tyre care tips for uncompromised safety this season because every measure counts where safety is concerned. Did you know? CEAT now offers contactless door-step services that include car sanitization, wheel alignment, tubeless tyre puncture repair, and more! Be safe on the roads with CEAT, come monsoon, or pandemic!


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