Tips to maintain your Tata Nexon Tyres

Ensure Proper Inflation of tyres:

Correct inflation pressure is essential to give you the best tyre performance, safety and fuel efficiency. Don't forget to check your tyres regularly (at least once a month) (when they cool) with a precise pressure gauge.


  • Make certain that inflation pressure is at the prescribed level:

    The recommended extent of pressure is mentioned on the side label on the driver's side door or in the vehicle owner's manual. Maintaining the correct inflation pressure helps keep the durability of the Tata Nexon tyres. Underinflation is the number one cause of irreversible tire damage and can lead to cracking and subsequent severe loss in pressure. It minimises the weight carrying capacity and excessive lateral flexion and increases rolling resistance, leading to mechanical and thermal to the Nexon tyre. Excessive pressure amplifies the tire stiffness, leading to an uneasy drive and creating unnecessary vibrations in the vehicle.

  • Do not spin Nexon tyres too much:

    Try to abstain from imprudent tyre spin when the Tata Nexon tyre is covered in sand, mud, ice or snow. This can lead to the tyre overheating and can go beyond repair. Use a gentle swinging forward and backward motion to free your vehicle. Never stand near or behind a tyre spinning at high speeds, such as when trying to push a stuck car.

  • Examine the wear of the tyres:

    Remove tyres from use when the depth of tread is less than 1.6mm. All fresh tyres have a tread wear indicator that displays as a smooth bench on the track when worn down to 1.6mm. Wet-weather accidents can happen when skidding on bald or near-bald tires. Overly worn tyres are also prone to punctures.

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system alert (TPMS):

    Immediately refer to the vehicle Owner’s Manual for all the details on what action has to be taken for the Nexon tyre pressure warning lamp activates.

  • Periodic wheel alignment:

    Wheel alignment is another important aspect of maintenance of Tata Nexon tyres. Wheel alignment is the angles at which the tyres are adjusted as the manufacturer suggests. This adjustment is to get the maximum life of the tyre and even wear of tread in all four tyres. Wheel alignment must be done every 5000 kilometres to ensure the good health of tyres.

  • Rotation of tyres:

    The rotation of your Tata Nexon tyres is also significant every 5000 kilometres. Make sure that every tyre gets equal road exposure while the rotation is done to maintain the balanced wear of tyres.

  • Conclusion:

    If these measures are taken care of, and periodic maintenance is done for the Tata Nexon tyres, it will help in giving a safe and sound drive.



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