Top 10 Hyundai Creta Tyre Care Tips

Follow some tyre care practices to ensure your Hyundai Creta tyres showcase the best performance and longevity in their life span. Check them out here:

  • Maintaining The Correct Tyre Pressure:

    Hyundai Creta tyre receives a recommended tyre pressure of 33 PSI by Hyundai India.  It is advisable to check the tyre pressure at least once in two weeks to acquire optimal fuel mileage and grip levels.

    Avoid Driving With Under-Inflated Or Over-Inflated Tyres:

    On the one hand, driving a Hyundai Creta with an under-inflated tyre can put excessive load on the chassis, resulting in immediate air loss and mishandling. On the other hand, driving it with overinflated tyres can result in unsafe driving and sudden tyre bursts. Avoid driving in either of the condition.

    Check Your Tyres For Wear Once A Month:

    Like all tyres, a Hyundai Creta tyre is not advisable to be used if its tread depth falls below 1.6mm mark. Check the tread depth of the tyre once a month using a tyre tread depth tool or look for the tyre wear indicators.

    Inspect Your Tyres For Damage Periodically:

    During constant driving, sharp objects are more likely to pierce the tyres, causing deep bruise or even a bulge. It can result in a worse injury after some time. Keep an eye on the tyres frequently to detect such issues to avoid such a mishap.

    Get A Punctured Tyre Repaired As Soon As Possible:

    You can drive all modern tubeless tyres for Hyundai Creta for long after suffering from a puncture. However, it is advisable to get the tyre repaired as soon as it gets punctured, to avoid further tyre damage. If you seek tyre replacement, explore all the choices of Creta tyre online.

    Avoid Driving With The Spare Tyre All The Time:

    While the size of the spare Hyundai Creta tyre is the same as the rest of its tyres, it comes over a steel wheel. If you have a Creta with alloy wheels as standard, it is advisable to not drive the car with a spare tyre for a long time, as it can hamper the original alignment of the tyres.

    Rotate Your Tyres As And When Required:

    It is advisable to rotate the front tyres with the rear ones every 10,000 km. Doing this will ensure that both the front and rear tyres of your Hyundai Creta wear out equally.

    Maintain Wheel Alignment And Balancing:

    Lack of periodic wheel alignment and balancing can result in vibrations, heavy steering and higher tyre noise. It is advisable to carry out wheel balancing and alignment in every service schedule of your Hyundai Creta to avoid this.

    Do Not Overload Your Creta:

    Driving your vehicle with a load more than mentioned in your car’s owner manual can result in excessive pressure on your car tyres. Overloading is always a risk and can also reduce the life of the tyres in the long run.

    Always Choose Genuine Tyre Options With A Warranty:

    It is advisable to select a renowned tyre brand with a good warranty period for long-term peace of mind. CEAT offers multiple tyre options for Hyundai Creta tyres, all of which are available with a consumer-friendly warranty. You can check all the options of Creta tyre online here.

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