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The Maruti Wagon R is a popular hatchback with sleek exteriors, spacious interiors, competent tyres, and a high fuel economy. Little wonder that it is the most preferred family car in India, and has 24 lac satisfied Indian customers over the past 20 years.

The Maruti Wagon R remains to be one of the most favourite entry-level cars due to its competitive features. So which is the best tyre for Wagon R and its new models? Take your pick.

  • How to pick the right tyre for the Maruti Wagon R?

    Size Matters

    The earlier version of Maruti Wagon R car tyres was available in the following sizes:

    • Base variant: 145/80 R13 (Lxi) • Top-end variant: 155/65 R14 (Vxi and Vxi+)

    And now, the latest generation of the Maruti Wagon R (2019) is fitted with the following car tyre sizes:

    • Base variant: 155/80 R13 (Lxi) • Top-end variant: 165/70 R14 (Vxi and Zxi)

    The new Wagon R car tyres are now available in the tubeless layout that guarantees optimum performance in all the variants of the Maruti Wagon R.

  • What’s Driving Your Maruti Wagon R?

    Every vehicle has its own purpose to serve. What is the purpose of your Maruti Wagon-R? Is it a family car that you use over the weekends or for your daily commute?

    The Maruti Wagon R is an ideal car for everyday commuting  due to its fuel-efficiency and capability of going that extra mile without showing any signs of wear. Now you need to pick the right set of wheels for this multipurpose car based on usage.

    If long family drives/trips are the key purpose of your vehicle, you need tyres that are durable and can withstand the regular wear and tear of city roads.

    Alternatively, the fuel-efficient Wagon-R is available in all possible fuel options like petrol, LPG and CNG. The right car tyres can aid in fuel-saving, hence why not go for fuel-saving tyres for further benefits?

  • The Best CEAT Car Tyres For Maruti Wagon R

    CEAT offers a dynamic range of radial car tyres for your Maruti Wagon including the CEAT Milaze X3 and the CEAT FuelSmarrt. These CEAT car tyres come with a unique rubber compound and a modern tread pattern for durability and fuel-efficiency.

    The CEAT Milaze X3 Car Tyres and Your Maruti Wagon R

    If you want optimum performance from your car tyres, the CEAT Milaze X3 is the right pick, because of the following features:

    ●        Long Tyre Life - The tyre is made with an innovative rubber compound which allows the vehicle to  travel up to 1-lakh kilometres * on the same set of wheels

    ●        Stability - The high rubber content at the tread of these car tyres helps in uniform wear. This results in stability in every ride.

    ●        Efficient Braking - The wide circumferential grooves on these car tyres grant excellent dry and wet braking under adverse weather situations.

    The CEAT FuelSmarrt Car Tyres and Your Maruti Wagon R

    For daily usage, the CEAT FuelSmarrt car tyres should be your obvious pick. Here’s why:

    ●        Fuel Conservation - The CEAT Fuelsmarrt car tyres use less energy to roll. This enhances fuel savings.

    ●        Fuel Efficiency - The FuelSmarrt car tyres have been tested for their efficiency. They offer 7% less fuel burning compared to normal tyres.

  • Where to buy CEAT Wagon R Car Tyres

    CEAT ensures easy access to all its products. You can find CEAT car tyres for the Wagon-R online or at any CEAT car tyre dealer near you.

  • CEAT Wagon R Car Tyres prices

    These car tyres complement the low-budget hatchback when it comes to pricing. You can search for Wagon R tyre prices online to get an idea about the costs. 

    (*Projected mileage based on controlled tests on Indian roads. Actual performance may vary basis road, terrain, vehicle, and driving conditions.)


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