An Easy Guide To Your Perfect Suzuki Access Tyre Size

Every major two-wheeler manufacturer is trying its luck to have the biggest chunk of sales of 125cc scooters. However, the major credit for the current popularity of 125cc scooters goes to Suzuki Access, which pioneered the 125cc category of gearless scooters. The Access caters to an audience belonging to all age groups. Its peppy engine targets young buyers, while the easiness and comfortable ride quality appeals to mature buyers. One of the qualities of the Access that stands out is the different Suzuki Access tyre size options for both front and rear.

Here’s a complete know-how about the available tyre options for the Suzuki Access with their sizes, prices, and features.

  • Suzuki Access Tyre Size

    The Suzuki Access received a substantial overhaul in 2016, which saw the scooter getting a taller wheel at the front, while the rear wheel stood at the same size as other. The Suzuki Access tyre size measures 90/90-12 for the front wheel and 90/100-10 at the rear.

    Suzuki Access Tyre Specifications

    For both front and rear Suzuki Access tyre size, CEAT tyres has a portfolio comprising of three different tyres catering to varying requirements.

    Suzuki Access Front Tyre 

    CEAT Zoom D

    The 90/90-12 tubeless tyre is available for the new Suzuki Access. The grip on wet roads is taken care of by extended lateral grooves, whereas the optimised compound of the tyre aids in maintaining impressive grip levels on the dry surface. In addition, the continuous grooves of the tyre from centre to shoulder helps to avoid the possibility of wobbly rides.

    Suzuki Access Rear Tyre

    CEAT Gripp X3

    The tubeless 90/100-10 tyre for the Suzuki Access banks on the dual-compound technology of its multiple layered tread. To ascertain that the scooter maintains grip on varying terrains, the Gripp X3 receives smart angular and uniquely designed tread blocks. The innovative tread block connectors also furnish the scooter with stable ride quality.

    CEAT Milaze

    The Milaze is also available in the Suzuki Access tyre size of 90/100-10 for the rear. Popular for its long life span, the CEAT Milaze is one tyre that promises the least tread wear rate among scooter tyres in its segment. With its multi-directional block pattern, increased groove depth, and ten per cent more non-skid depth, it offers a strong hold over any surface irrespective of it being rough or muddy.

    Suzuki Access tyre price

    The tubeless tyre options made available for the Suzuki Access are very economical and practical - just like what the Suzuki Access promises. For the front tyre,  CEAT Zoom D is priced at around Rs. 1,240. For the rear, the CEAT Gripp X3 commands a price of around Rs. 1,300.  The CEAT Milaze is the most affordable option at around Rs. 1,170.

    Suzuki Access tyre availability

    You can check the availability of the tyre at or on the CEAT app. You can also physically view the tyre at your nearest CEAT Shoppe and then make the purchase.



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