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It won’t be wrong to say that Honda Dio was responsible for starting the trend for jazzy and all-frills scooter era. Its boisterous and sharp design, along with reliable mechanicals, made Honda Dio an instant hit among young riders, especially college-goers. Honda Dio has aged gracefully too, with the latest iteration still retaining youthfulness. The scooter and Honda Dio tyre price have remained reasonable during these years too.

  • Honda Dio Tyre Price Options

    The Honda Dio is shod with 90/100-10 tyres at both ends. For this tyre size, there are three most trustworthy options available from CEAT, namely CEAT Zoom D, CEAT Gripp X3, and CEAT Milaze. Among the three, Zoom D and Milaze can be used for both ends. The Zoom D is priced at Rs 1,270 (approx) and Milaze costs Rs 1,075 (approx). CEAT Gripp X3, with its distinct design, is made exclusively for the rear wheel. Honda Dio tyre price for Gripp X3 is Rs 1,300 (approx). 

    Is Honda Dio Tyre Price Justified?

    In comparison to other tyre options in the market, Honda Dio tyre price is reasonable for all available options by CEAT. The CEAT Gripp X3 happens to be the most affordable tyre for any scooter. Given that Honda Dio is a reasonably priced scooter, these dependable tyre options from CEAT are ideal matches for the lucrative characteristics of the scooter.

    Honda Dio Tyre Options – Detailed Description

    CEAT Zoom D

    The 90/100-10 Zoom D tubeless tyre for the Honda Dio can be used for the front and rear of the scooter. The tread design includes a crisscross groove pattern running in amid the tread part, which ensures consistent grip on the go for outstanding ride experience. To reduce the possibility of wobble under challenging conditions and maintain perfect stability on city roads, it has continuous grooves running from centre to shoulder. 

    CEAT Milaze

    This is another 90/100-10 tyre choice from CEAT that is an appropriate fit for the front and rear tyre for Honda Dio. The highlight of this tyre is its long life span, which is achieved through extra rubber at the contact, 10 per cent more non-skid depth, and deeper grooves. Further, the multi-directional pattern ensures better water channeling. 

    CEAT Gripp X3

    As the name suggests, this Honda Dio tyre from CEAT guarantees optimum grip on all kinds of terrains. The multi-layered tread pattern with a distinct design is infused with dual compound and robust construction. The rigid side wall and block pattern with connectors makes pliant traverse over any surface safe and smooth.


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