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Scooters are gaining a lot of popularity primarily in the urban India. This traction could be credited to their gearless city riding, added practicality with flat floorboard, under-seat storage, and comfy seats. Even the scooter tyre price and service costs are comparatively lower than those of motorcycles, resulting in lower after-sales maintenance.

The majority of the scooters come with a variety of tube-type and tubeless tyre options. Various popular scooter models like Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access, and Hero Maestro Edge ride on these size tyres, with the scooter tyre price ranging between Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,300. 

Let’s take a look at the popular tyre options available for the highest selling scooters in India, along with the scooter tyre price comparison as well.

  • Scooter Tyre Options

    Following are the scooter tyre options along with their corresponding tyre sizes:

    CEAT Zoom D

    This tyre provides similar grip levels on both wet and dry riding surfaces. While the extended lateral grooves allow rapid scattering of water for enhanced wet grip, the optimized compound makes it capable of constant grip on dry roads. Furthermore, its continuous grooves from centre to shoulder at the tread and crisscross grooves in the middle prevent wobbling during rides. The CEAT Zoom D tyre is available in two different types – 90/100-10 tube-type and 90/90-12 tubeless.

    CEAT Milaze

    The CEAT Milaze is highly preferred for its long-lasting capabilities. This durability is achievable by qualities such as increased groove depth, ten per cent more non-skid depth, and multi-directional block pattern. These features of the CEAT  Milaze tyre work together to reduce the wear rate of the tyre. In addition, the tyre ensures excellent grip on wet surfaces due to the knobby design of tread blocks. Offered in 90/100-10 and 90/90-12 tyre sizes, they are available in tube-type as well as tubeless layouts. 

    CEAT Gripp X3

    The Gripp X3 tyre is a 90/100-10 tyre which can be used for both front and rear wheels. Thanks to its dual compound technology, the tyre maintains extended life and grip. Its smart angular tread block design, which appears quite sporty, aids in smooth traverse over any surface be it on-road or off-road. The connected chunky blocks allow stable ride quality and brilliant grip under wet conditions, preventing tyre skid. 

    Scooter Tyre Price List

    The range of scooter tyres starts at an affordable price point of Rs 1,075. Even the most expensive one is priced at Rs 1,300, which makes the range accessible and pocket-friendly.

    • CEAT Zoom D: Rs 1,210 (90/100-10 tube-type), Rs 1,240 (90/90-12 tubeless)

    • CEAT Milaze: Rs 1,075 (90/100-10 tube-type), Rs 1,170 (90/100-10 tubeless), Rs 1,215 (90/90-12 tubeless)

    • CEAT Gripp X3: Rs 1,300 (90/100-10 tubeless)

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