Basic Tips to Know Reasonability of Your Pulsar 180 Tyre Price

The Bajaj Pulsar 180 has won the hearts of many buyers with its sporty design, worthy performance, and easy ownership experience. Its niche 180cc engine, gives Pulsar 180 an edge over other 150-160cc motorcycles that are priced similarly. Its improved performance over conventional entry-level performance commuters makes it a more value-for-money proposition as well. 

In the last two decades since its launch, the Bajaj Pulsar 180 has seen several revisions to its styling, aesthetics, and wheels. Many owners looking to replace the tyres of their old Bajaj Pulsar 180 are concerned about the Pulsar 180 tyre price. They seek the right size tyre with long life at an affordable price.

  • How to Ensure the Correct Pulsar 180 Tyre Price

    There are many sources, both offline and online, where you can check and compare the price of all available Pulsar 180 tyres. However, is the best one-stop solution for finding the right tyre prices of Pulsar 180. You can visit and browse various tyre patterns for front as well as rear ends of your Pulsar 180. The factory-fitted tyre size of Pulsar 180 is 90/90-17 for the front and 120/80-17 for the rear end.

    All the tyre options are available online and can be browsed in detail for their construction, features, and appearance here:

    Recommended and Reasonably Priced Tyre Options for Pulsar 180

    Following are the recommended and affordably priced tyre options available for the Bajaj Pulsar 180. 

    • CEAT Zoom X3 F

    The front tyre Zoom X3 is known for its long-lasting nature and directional stability. The tyre integrates unique compound and continuous shoulder grooves for excellent ride over any surface across the year. Its tyre size reading and Pulsar 180 tyre price of Zoom X3 F is priced reasonably. You can check details here:

    • CEAT Zoom X3

    The 120/80-17 rear tyre for Pulsar 180 promises outstanding control and better braking performance during lean and high speeds. The circumferential grooves allow better stability and handling on city roads. The tyre also has a high grip compound for better traction on wet surfaces. You can check details here:

    • CEAT Gripp X3

    A prudent choice for those who desire long life & long lasting grip from their Pulsar 180 rear tyre. The Gripp X3 tyre promises a reduced wear rate, courtesy of its exclusive tread block pattern and use of dual-compound technology ensure the worn out tyres give same level of grip as new tyres . Further, the block-connectors at the tread prevent wobbling issues. The Pulsar 180 tyre price for Gripp X3 is priced affordably. You can check details here:

    Buy Pulsar 180 Tyres

    All these tyre options feature at and can be bought after exploring details about features and benefits. You can also check the tyres in-person at your nearest CEAT Shoppe or any local tyre shop.

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