Which Type of TYRE is best for Yamaha R15?

The super sports bike named Yamaha R15 has been a heartthrob of countless aficionados in the country. Launched more than a decade ago, it helped create a niche space in the entry-level performance motorcycle category. If you are looking for the correct Yamaha R15 tyre size and seek tyre replacement, CEAT brings dependable tyre pattern choices for the front and rear tyre of your Yamaha R15.

  • Get To Know The Correct Yamaha R15 Tyre Size

    Yamaha has always recommended mixed compound tubeless tyres for the R15 to match its prowess in spirited riding conditions. The Yamaha R15 tyre , 100/80-17 size for the front wheel and 140/70-17 size for the rear wheel.

    Best Tyre Type For Yamaha R15

    Yamaha R15 is an uber-cool city bike and is entitled to traverse countless road challenges during its daily commute. Yamaha R15 tyres face traffic woes, potholes, sudden speed breakers, and other road undulations. 

    In such a challenging environment, rugged and reliable tyres like bias-ply construction tubeless tyres suit the best. Thus, the front and rear tyres from CEAT feature this rigid structure to overcome city road challenges and let you focus on riding pleasure with maximum comfort. Find the Yamaha R15 tubeless tyre price here.

    Yamaha R15 Tyre Options From CEAT

    CEAT offers different tubeless bias-ply options matching the Yamaha R15 tyre size – one for the front and two tyre choices for the rear.

    • CEAT Zoom Plus F 

    Yamaha R15 is known to master your cornering skills while riding a motorcycle, and the CEAT Zoom Plus F Tyre is designed to make that very purpose of the R15 super effective. The Zoom Plus F for the front gets a continuous centre groove and round profile for exceptional directional stability.

    Its unique grooves from centre to corner and wide tread arc radius helps R15 maintain high grip levels during high-speed cornering. This tyre is available in regular tubeless and puncture-safe options. View the price and other details here.

    • CEAT Zoom XL

    CEAT Zoom XL tyre is a high-performance tyre for the Yamaha R15 tyre size for the rear, which performs exceptionally well even under adverse conditions. The tyre has an enhanced groove angle for easy rolling and maintaining a high grip. The tyre improves the handling abilities of the R15 at higher speeds with its wide contact patch area. 

    CEAT Zoom XL has a unique looking lightning-shaped tread pattern to ensure that the R15 doesn’t lose grip under sudden braking conditions. View the price and other details here

    • CEAT Zoom Plus

    You can consider the CEAT Zoom Plus tyre as a viable option for Yamaha R15 tyre size for the rear.  It keeps the motorcycle stable even at high speeds. The tyre receives continuous grooves from the tread to the shoulders to bolster the grip during speedy lean across sharp turns.

    The wide contact area of the tyre, along with the wide tread arc radius, makes the motorcycle more sure-footed when it is ridden steadily even around corners. View the price and other details here.


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