Maruti Baleno Tyre Size Guide

Baleno has been instrumental in affirming Maruti Suzuki’s leadership in the compact car space. Its spacious cabin, timeless design, fuel-efficient, and low-maintenance engine, has made the Maruti Baleno a bestseller in the premium hatchback segment. If you seek tyres for Baleno, CEAT offers some options for the Balenotyre size from its portfolio. 

Read on to know more about Baleno tyre price, the best tyre for Baleno, and recommended Baleno tyre pressure.

  • Maruti BalenoTyre Size

    Since its launch, Maruti Baleno has been available in four different petrol variants, namely Sigma, Delta, Zeta, and Alpha. The lower-spec Sigma and Delta variants are equipped with  185/65 R15 tyres, while the premium Zeta and Alpha variants have bigger 195/55 R16 tyres for Baleno tyre size.

    Maruti BalenoTyre Pressure

    For the  185/65 R15 tyre size, the recommended Baleno tyre pressure for the front tyres is 29-32 PSI. However, the rear tyres’ pressure reads 29 PSI. Moreover, the pressure  on the 195/55 R16 tyres also measure 29-32 PSI and 29 PSI at the front and rear respectively. Maintaining the right Balenotyre size and proper pressure result in better drivability and control at high speeds, alongside longer tyre life.

    Choose Among The Best Maruti BalenoTyre Options

    The widespread portfolio of CEAT offers 185/65 R15 and 195/55 R16 tyres under different sub-brands.

    CEAT SecuraDrive (185/65 R15 & 195/55 R16)

    The high-performance tyre from CEAT offers superior straight-line stability and cornering ability on open stretches, which enhances the overall driving dynamics of the car. The integrated new generation polymer compound grips well and promises a shorter braking distance. The wide longitudinal grooves and optimized tread design assures brilliant comfort and significantly reduces cabin noise. For more details on SecuraDrive click here:  

    CEAT Milaze X3 (185/65 R15)

    If you need a mile-munching tyre that can go on extensively without compromising on grip, you can opt for Milaze X3 tyre. Available in a single Balenotyre size of 185/65 R15, Milaze X3 is widely preferred for its longevity and durability. The tyre is more durable than its competitors due to the perfect balance of hard and soft rubber compounds in its composition. The optimized shoulder depth and higher rubber content along with the tread area ensure longevity. For more details on CEAT Milaze X3 click here:

    Maruti BalenoTyre Price

    To know the Baleno tyre price and more information on its features and benefits you can visit Here you can compare different tyre patterns and choose as per your preference.    

    Where can you find the Best Balenotyres?

    All the options for Maruti Baleno Tyre can be easily purchased online from here You can also Buy BalenoTyre from a nearby CEAT Tyre shop


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