Steps to Find the Right Honda Activa 5G Tyres and Activa 4G Tyres

Honda Activa enjoys a cult status in the Indian two-wheeler market. The scooter is in its sixth generation and remains a frontrunner in the 110cc segment. Earlier, the fourth and fifth-generation Activa christened their respective generations and were instrumental in raking up cumulative volumes for the Japanese two-wheeler giant. 

Both the 4th and 5th generation models had a few visual differences. However, the mechanicals of both the scooter remained unchanged under the skin. Even the Activa 5G tyre options remained consistent with the Activa 4G, with no differences in wheels.

  • How to Find the Right Activa 5G Tyre and Activa 4G Tyre Options

    Given the popularity of both Activa 4G and 5G, their tyre pattern options are easily available. However, finding a suitable choice is a slightly a tough ask. 

    To plug in the gap and lend Activa owners peace of mind, CEAT offers a wide range of tyres, which are available on and CEAT App. All you need to do is feed your scooter details as input, including scooter make and model, tyre type, and variant and choose your preferred Activa 5G tyre pattern from the available options. 

    Right Activa 5G Tyre and Activa 4G Tyre Options

    The website and smartphone application of CEAT tyres have the following options, which are ideal fits for both Activa 5G as well as Activa 4G:

    CEAT Zoom D

    Size: 90/100-10

    The tubeless tyre’s unique tread design features a zig-zag groove in the centre of the tread area, which makes the tyre aesthetically appealing and enables consistent hold over any surface. The continuous grooves from the centre to shoulder aid in excellent grip over wet terrains. The directional stability of this front fitment Activa 5G tyre allows better steer under urban traffic conditions. 

    CEAT Milaze

    Size: 3.50-10 & 90/100-10

    The rugged Activa tyre from CEAT gets a knobby pattern on the tread area scooter which makes it a go-anywhere tyre. The all-season tyre offers excellent grip over wet and dry surfaces alike. Under a rough road setup, the deep grooves scatter muddy water effectively without skidding risk. On city roads, the tyre evacuates water rapid ensuring a safe ride without hydroplaning hazards. 

    Further, high rubber content on the tread and innovative pattern arrests tyre wear and offers durability. The Milaze X3 is available in two size variations, including tube type as well as tubeless arrangements, which makes it the best fit as Activa 4G and Activa 5G tyre.

    CEAT Gripp X3

    Size: 90/100-10

    The highly durable tubeless tyre features a multi-layered tread design with dual-compound technology. The special tread design is endowed with angular large blocks for maximum traction on every surface. To ensure a wobble-free ride on the uneven surface these blocks feature unique tread block connectors, which work in tandem ensuring smooth traverse. Thanks to the dual-compound layer, the traction remains consistent even after extensive usage.


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